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Why Is SERVPRO The Best Choice for Basement Mold Removal?

9/2/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growing on ceiling and wall Basements are damp and can be a favorable environment for mold. Should you see signs of a mold colony, call SERVPRO!

Wilmington Homeowners Need to Know Their Belongings Are in Safe Hands During Mold Removal

In Wilmington, homeowners know it is all too easy to store things in the basement if you have nowhere else for them to go. The basement is the ideal place to put that antique dresser from Grandma that does not quite fit in the living room or to file all those photographs you intend to sort into albums eventually.

Unfortunately, the basement is also an ideal place for fungal growth. If you notice a mold problem in your home, you need a Wilmington mold removal company to care for your belongings.

Why is the basement susceptible to mold growth?

Mold in Wilmington loves cool, moist places, so any damp room offers a potential breeding ground. Mold is a fungus, and it consists of tiny tube-like cells called hyphae, which all join in a mycelium cluster.

Mold needs a food source. Fresh fruit and vegetables, wool, cotton, canvas, wallpaper, and drywall all provide fungi food.

It is not uncommon for a basement to become damp. Unfortunately, that makes the basement an ideal breeding ground for mold.

What belongings might be affected by mold?

Because mold spores can munch on a wide range of organic materials, you can find it growing on:

  • Paper products such as certificates, letters, and celebration cards
  • Furniture and upholstery
  • Artwork such as prints and canvasses
  • Clothes, linen, towels, washcloths, blankets, or canvas shoes
  • Carpets, blinds, and drapes

So many of us store all manner of items in the basement. These items provided ample food for mold spores, which can easily damage your belongings.

Will SERVPRO take care of my belongings?

Our teams here at SERVPRO of New Hanover understand that your belongings are precious to you. Keepsakes and pictures, and furniture and beloved blankets or pillows, help make your house a home. That is why we always attempt to clean and save your items, and only suggest discarding them as a last resort.

Some of the processes we can use to save your items include:

  • Dry and wet cleaning for furniture and textiles (we check first to be sure the cleaning technique is suitable for the material)
  • Spray and wipe for more delicate items that cannot withstand wet cleaning
  • Abrasive cleaning for more robust surfaces such as wooden or metal furniture Foam cleaning for a gentler touch to prevent upholstery shrinking or bleeding
  • Immersion cleaning for large, sturdy items such as thick drapes

In some cases, we can salvage damaged papers using freeze drying to prevent further damage and dry them.

We train our staff in every aspect of mold remediation and best practices for cleaning techniques. The SERVPRO commitment to training means you can rest assured our technicians know how to care for your belongings.

What if we must empty the basement?

If the mold growth in your Wilmington basement is extensive enough, we might have to move your items out, known as a "pack-out." Your SERVPRO team will photograph and label each item before packing, and then transport them to our secure storage facility.

We store your items securely until it is time to return them, and we can also clean your items at the storage facility if needed. When it is time to bring your belongings back, we check them against our inventory to ensure all items are present and then return them to your home. Our team can also move your belongings into your basement if you need them to.

Can I stop the mold returning?

Mold is a natural substance, and the spores' microscopic nature means you cannot prevent more spores from entering your home in the future. However, you can make your basement less friendly to mold and discourage it from growing.

SERVPRO helps prevent regrowth by drying out your basement. We use moisture meters, moisture sensors, and thermo-hygrometers to detect and measure dampness levels. Monitoring moisture serves two primary purposes.

First, it lets us see potential problem areas inside walls and on the ceiling or tucked away behind other objects. Monitoring means we do not rely only on our eyes but obtain reliable readings.

Second, we use monitoring when we are drying your basement to ensure that our air movers and dehumidifiers work maximum efficiency. The more we can dry the room, the less likely it is mold will grow there.

After our team has left, we recommend you keep your basement as dry as you can. You might invest in a dehumidifier to help. Be vigilant for signs of mold and call us if you suspect a recurrence.

If you need a mold removal firm to take care of your belongings, call SERVPRO of New Hanover at (910) 762-8180.

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