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SERVPRO Restores Your Home after Fire Damage to its Pre-Loss Condition

9/6/2022 (Permalink)

fire on stove Fire damage comes in a variety of forms requiring professional restoration services.

Damage caused by a fire starting inside your Wrightsville Beach home comes in a variety of forms. The flames and heat coming from a blaze, char contents, and building materials inside your house make replacement a requirement. Smoke coming from the fire spreads across the building and affects surfaces with soot residue.

After materials get cleaned and removed, sometimes smoke odors still exist. As a final step, SERVPRO's fire damage technicians in Wrightsville Beach deodorize the structure. When getting rid of foul smells, we use a few different chemicals, application methods, and techniques.

Deodorization chemicals help fight odors in two primary methods. Some chemicals bond to the odor molecules and cause a chemical reaction with them to neutralize the smell. Other chemicals work as masking agents and overtake the foul odors with more appealing aromas.

In some cases, just spraying the chemicals out of an electric or hand sprayer works for eliminating the foul odors. In other situations, the compounds need to get applied in the same way the malodor particles got inside the materials in the first place. Combustion causes smoke particles to become microscopic and penetrate deep into porous materials. When mitigating foul smells, our SERVPRO experts attempt to re-create smoke behavior by breaking chemicals down into tiny particles.

When using a fogging system, microscopic chemical particles gain the ability to penetrate into surfaces that emit foul odors. The chemicals then attach to the odor molecules both neutralizing and masking the pungent smells. The restoration industry typically uses both dry and wet fogging methods depending on the scenario.

Ultra-Low Volume or ULV foggers dispense chemicals in "wet fog." The machine breaks down liquid chemicals to a size of 8 to 15 microns. ULV foggers are useful in a variety of general air deodorizing applications and often get used to seal and deodorize ventilation ducts and air-handling systems.

Thermal foggers heat up chemicals and turn them into "dry smoke." The thermal fogging system can break down compounds to the size of one-half of a micron. Thermal fogging is the best way to mimic the exact conditions that took place when the odor particles entered the affected materials.

After any fogging gets completed, the structure gets ventilated so that no hazards exist. For professional help with removing smoke-related odors, call SERVPRO of New Hanover at (910) 762-8180 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Finding Hidden Fire Damage

7/6/2022 (Permalink)

HVAC system on roof HVAC Systems Must Be Cleaned So That They Don't Spread Fire Damage

The most extensive part of fire damage to a facility is not usually the fire itself. Most commercial structures and many private homes now have fire suppression systems in place. It is the hidden damage from that which can wind up costing more than actual flames.

Fire damage in Wilmington homes and businesses caused by flame and heat is readily visible and for the most part, quickly demolished and removed. Soot damage is also easy to see and either remove or clean depending on how extensive it is and how long it has been left in place. SERVPRO knows that smoke damage has to be sought out and found the same way an inspector examines a home or facility before it goes into escrow.

Every room and closet have to be checked. Ceiling tiles have to be examined and removed so crawl spaces can be examined. HVAC systems must be inspected and cleaned before they are reactivated. If not, then the damage can be blown into areas that previously had no damage from the fire. All of this, especially the crawl spaces, must be accomplished in appropriate safety gear which can range from a basic mask and gloves to a protective suit and breathing apparatus.

This is why fire suppression is so important. Flame and heat damage can be stopped quickly with the right setup, and water damage can be ameliorated if caught quickly enough. Smoke and soot damage, once it occurs, usually requires extensive cleaning and repainting at best or removal and replacement at worst.

SERVPRO of New Hanover has been in the business of restoring the effects of fire damage to commercial facilities and private residences for many years. We are proud to serve our North Carolina communities with some of the best trained and experienced inspectors and restoration crews in the industry. If you have need of our expertise or wish to schedule a free inspection to determine a preventive plan, contact us at 910-762-8180 today.

Understanding Various Smoke and Fire Damage Possible in Your Wilmington Home

2/10/2022 (Permalink)

Smoke coming out of structure Smoke spreads quicker than fire and has the potential for creating more damage. Contact SERVPRO to assess the damage and remediate.

Our Technicians Assess the Fire Damage and then Create a Tailored Remediation Plan

A serious emergency, house fires in Wilmington leave you facing a major cleaning project once the fire has been put out. While the flames themselves can create extensive damage to your home, smoke is a primary cause of damage as well when a fire happens.
Scheduling a fire damage restoration service in Wilmington for your home fire is the smart thing to do. Companies such as SERVPRO are specially trained and certified to handle all kinds of fire damage correctly and help you salvage anything possible. Our technicians use clues to figure out the kind of smoke which has damaged your home. We can restore your home back to excellent condition after a fire.
There are various types of smoke damage that we take the time to identify before we begin restoration. Wet smoke damage is caused when a fire burns or smolders at a lower temperature. They produce few flames but usually put out a lot of smoke. We distinguish wet smoke damage by its powerful smell and thick coating.
Dry smoke damage, unlike wet smoke damage, is created from high levels of heat. Dry fire in your home, when hot, creates a dry, thin, and powdery substance. The residue which is left by dry smoke damage, in general, is many times easier to clean than what is left from wet smoke damage.
A more unusual kind of smoke damage is fuel oil smoke damage. When a fire is caused by flames in an oil-burning furnace, your home can be affected by fuel oil smoke damage. It creates a powerful odor and can wreck couches and other upholstered pieces. At SERVPRO, we can help you clean up even a mess like this.
We can also clean up smoke residues from protein fires and fire extinguisher residue.
SERVPRO of New Hanover is available for all your smoke, and fire damage needs anytime you need us. If you live in and around the areas of Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington, and Castle Hayne, you can reach us just by dialing (910) 762-8180.

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How Items are Salvaged From Fire Damage

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

Painting on wall SERVPRO can help restore Fine Art that is damaged in a Fire

Certified SERVPRO Technicians Can Evaluate What Items Can Be Restored and What Needs to be Replaced

When a fire strikes, it is often far more than just the burned out region that suffers damage in a home. Fires create debris, smoke, ash, and end up touching almost every part of a house and even sometimes neighboring properties. Damage can sometimes be merely cosmetic, requiring little more than a little cleaning, however, more often than not heavy equipment must be brought in to truly rid a property of all traces of the fire.
Windows, Mirrors, and Smooth Surfaces
Smooth surfaces such as windows and mirrors are often one of the easiest types of Wrightsville Beach fire damage to clean up. Typically, only one side of a window will need cleaning, and this can be accomplished with simple mops, soap and water, and sanitizing materials. One should always be careful to shield the eyes, nose, and mouth when cleaning soot off, however, as it may be harmful to the body if it enters any of those regions.
Electronics are often a loss in a fire, unfortunately. Soot and ash can work their way into the internals of electronics, and it is difficult if not impossible to clean out the internals of most electric devices. If a device is not initially working, there is often little chance it can be recovered, although SERVPRO teams will always evaluate what can be done.

Smoke Damage
Smoke odors can often remain in a home long after a fire has been otherwise cleaned up, serving as a constant reminder of past damage. To prevent this, heavy industrial deodorization equipment must be used. These machines, typically ULV or thermal foggers, can clear an entire room at a time of embedded smoke particles and smell.
Fine Art
Another common concern homeowners have is for their fine art and paintings. It is difficult to clean smoke and soot from a painting without damaging the valuable art lying underneath, and such work typically requires the careful hand of a specialized conservator or art restorer. SERVPRO contracts a number of qualified individuals for this purpose, and you should typically be able to fully restore art that has not been burned.
SERVPRO of New Hanover is a locally owned and run company that employs trained and competent cleanup crews to help homeowners with any disaster that comes their way. If you require the services of a professional cleanup and restoration company, please don't hesitate to contact us at (910) 762-8180 for 24/7 service and advice.

Help Avoiding Fire Damage in Your Wrightsville Beach Home

10/24/2021 (Permalink)

Overloaded outlet strip Be careful not to overload outlets in your home. Keep an eye out for damaged wiring that could start a fire. If you have a fire, call SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Technicians can Assess Your Home for Possible Preventable Damage from a Fire

You may find it surprising, but a variety of house fires continues to affect homeowners on a regular basis. Fire-related losses soar as many of you attempt self-repairs trying to limit the costs associated with fire, or simply do not want to report smaller fires that would raise your insurance rates.
The majority of fire damage reported throughout the Wrightsville Beach area includes fire-related losses caused by preventable incidents. Paying more attention, learning to use products safely, or having a qualified professional inspect your home for possible hazards can teach you how to avoid causing fires in your home.
One of the leading causes of house fires is faulty electrical wiring. As we put more emphasis on electronics as a society, these types of fires become more common. Frayed cords, cracked or broken connectors and even outlets can lead to a fire. It is important to keep an eye out for any damage that might pose risks to you and your family.
Always avoid covering electrical cords with flammable items, be aware of each socket’s capacity to avoid overloading circuits and learn the difference between surge protectors and regular power strips. While both allow you to install multiple devices, only surge protectors can help you avoid damage caused by electrical shorts or spikes.
When SERVPRO technicians inspect your property, we check everything. We have several years of experience providing homeowners with solutions that fit their unique situation. Whether you need professional technicians to help recover from a recent fire or want help eliminating possible hazards, we can provide you with an answer.
Having your home inspected by an IICRC certified professional, like those offered at SERVPRO, can help you avoid problems plaguing your home. We can help you locate problems, make repairs, and protect your home against possible issues before things get out of hand. When emergencies occur, our advanced equipment and a variety of resources lend you the assistance you need to return everything to normal as quickly as possible.
SERVPRO of New Hanover has qualified technicians available 24-hours a day to assist you, call today. (910) 762-8180

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Do Homeowners Need a Household Inventory List in Case of Fire?

9/24/2021 (Permalink)

Fire damaged home. Charred grill and other possessions on deck outside Should you experience fire damage, your insurance company will ask for an inventory of your home’s contents. SERVPRO’s ERP can help with this.

An Inventory of the Household Can Help with Insurance Claims in Wrightsville Beach

A fire can leave your home in devastation. Even small fires can damage items that may not be salvageable. Many people put off creating a household inventory list because it is a daunting task. But if a fire does strike in Wrightsville Beach, having such a list can help replace ruined items faster. 

Where Do I Start?

One of the things you need to recognize is that your homeowner's insurance most likely does not cover your home's entire content. If it does cover the loss, it may be less than full value. So, if you have expensive items, you may wish to talk to your insurance agent about more inclusive coverage on those. 

Examples would be artwork, collectibles, jewelry, equipment, and electronics, making this a wise move if fire damage happens to your Wrightsville Beach home. Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Put together a plan– Trying to do it all at once can be overwhelming. Going room by room is a better option. Give yourself a deadline to ensure it does get done.
  • Take pictures– Pictures can help a great deal if questions arise. Take several shots of each room. Open drawers, closets, and cupboards and photograph the content.
  • Organize receipts– Keeping copies of receipts can verify you bought the item. It helps with more significant purchases when determining value.
  •  Be specific– Details are critical, so the more detailed you can be in your descriptions, the better. Along with pictures and receipts, record serial numbers. 

SERVPRO can help with this inventory. Our mobile app, SERVPRO's ERP Emergency READY Profile Plan, makes inventory list-making easier. Ask us to visit you to set up this game-changer for mitigating water and fire damaging events to your property. A computer spreadsheet is a good option, as well. Do not let catastrophes such as a fire catch you off guard. Chances are you will never need your household inventory list, but if you do, it is ready.

Contact SERVPRO of New Hanover at (910) 762-8180 for expert fire damage service. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Does a Home Recover from Fire, Odor, and Smoke Damage?

9/1/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO green hydroxyl generator SERVPRO technicians deploy advanced equipment like this hydroxyl generator to mitigate fire, smoke, and odor damages in Wilmington area properties

SERVPRO Is a Nationally Recognized Fire Damage Restoration Company Operating in the Wilmington Area.

Are Smoke Odors Unsafe to Inhale?

Fires lead to the release of noxious gases. However, most toxic gases disperse from an indoor environment within a few hours, but you should check with a fire marshall before returning to your Wilmington home. After a blaze, trace elements of ash in the air can affect the indoor air quality of an enclosed environment. SERVPRO recommends that you cover floors, carpets, and surfaces when returning to a property after a fire to avoid unnecessary soiling to surfaces from falling soot and other airborne particles. Our technicians can perform extensive air restoration using air filtration devices in the property. These devices use high-particulate air (HEPA) filters to capture odor and soot particles from the indoor environment. By restoring your indoor air quality (IAQ), our technicians can ensure that your home returns to a preloss condition.

What causes smoke odors to linger?

When working on properties with fire damage in Wilmington, one of the chief causes of concern for homeowners is returning odors. Often ventilating or air-scrubbing does not entirely remove odors with some burnt smells returning to rooms. The reason stubborn odors can remain behind after a fire is that they embed themselves into surfaces, paintwork, porous materials, and textiles. This embedding can lead to continuous odors for weeks or months. To combat these odor-causing elements, it is essential to thoroughly clean and remove any visible signs of soiling in the property. Light smoke residues are odor-causing but can be challenging to detect. SERVPRO technicians can professionally assess light, moderate, and heavy smoke residues before performing tasks to remove them altogether from the affected area. We have in our inventory of advanced equipment:

  • Hydroxyl Generators to deploy safely during the cleanup phase to change the chemical nature of some odors
  • Ozone Machines for extreme odor removal
  • ULV ultra-light volume foggers for dispersing chemicals to combine with and alter the chemical composition of malodors
  • Thermal Fogging a more complex technique to mimic the circulation of combusted gases, seek them out in embedded materials, and neutralize them
  • Paint Primers to encapsulate odors within building materials
  • Deodorizing gels and pellets

If there is a fire in your property, use a professional restoration service to ensure safety and minimum losses. Contact SERVPRO of New Hanover at (910) 762-8180.

Why Does My Home Still Smell Like Smoke Months After Remediation?

7/7/2021 (Permalink)

Post fire view of outlet and wall heavily damaged by smoke and soot Although extinguished quickly, the smoke from this fire quickly dissipated throughout the home. If not removed properly, the odors can linger long aft

Not Properly Cleaning Your Fire Damaged Wilmington Home Can Cause Smoke Odors to Persist

 Whenever there is a fire in your home, smoke particles quickly fill the air. As these airborne particles mix with water vapor, they form various compounds that eventually collect on surfaces around your residence. Depending on the kinds of materials burned, these compounds, or soot residues, could either be dry or greasy. Often, soot residues are acidic and can, over time, discolor or corrode wherever they happen to land. Also, these substances are usually the source of most foul fire-related odors. If they not adequately cleaned, your home could continue to smell of smoke months or even years after a fire. It is essential to find the right Wilmington area service to handle your fire damage.

 Why are Fire-Related Smells So Difficult to Eliminate?

 Experienced Wilmington fire and odor remediation services like SERVPRO understand the difficulties involved in dealing with the unpleasant odors resulting from fires. They also know how to source and successfully eliminate them. With all that said, some of the reasons fire-related smells are so challenging to neutralize are:

  •  Odorous smoke particles travel throughout your home, settling as soot residues on various difficult-to-access surfaces
  • Porous materials around your residence, like old painted surfaces, upholstered furniture, fabrics, and carpeting, quickly absorb and trap these smelly particles
  • Fire-related heat bonds smelly particles and soot residues to structural elements and household objects
  • Firefighting efforts and excess moisture can help odorous residues bond more strongly to surfaces
  • House fires often burn many different synthetic substances, like plastics, that produce difficult-to-clean oily or greasy residues
  • The intense heat a fire generates increases air pressure and turbulent air that force odor-causing particles more deeply into impacted materials
  • Smelly smoke particles usually rise and coat your HVAC system's ducts, causing it to spread them around your home later

 These behaviors of fires and smoke particles are what often make fire-related odor remediation a daunting task. They are also why various methods are usually necessary to neutralize the unpleasant smells of fire damage effectively.

 Why Do Fire Damage Odors Sometimes Disappear and Then Reappear Later? 

 Not remediating fire or damage in Wilmington correctly, unwanted smells could suddenly reappear later, which generally happens during warmer, more humid times of the year. Increased temperatures expand the pores of impacted materials, thereby allowing trapped odorous particles to escape back into your home's interior air. Simultaneously, higher humidity levels cause these particles to be more easily absorbed and carried through the air. The airborne odorous compounds make smells return and eventually redeposit in other areas around your house.  

How Does SERVPRO Clean Up Odor-Causing Residues?

 Soot residues are the source of most lasting fire-related odors. They retain the smoky smells of a fire long after extinguishment, strongly affixing themselves to varied surfaces around your home, and transforming these structural elements and household objects into odor producers. Some of the ways SERVPRO technicians handle these troublesome residues are by:

  •  Cleaning up charring and heavy smoke residues with scraping, abrasive blasting, and wire brushing
  • Using the innovative peroxide active cleaning technique on delicate, dense soot-covered surfaces
  • Removing greasy residues with tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) and similar solutions
  • Eliminating non-grease smoke deposits with dry cleaning sponges
  • Pressure washing structural elements covered with soot composed of non-grease residues

 These methods enable us to neutralize many lingering fire smells successfully, but more is often required to fully restore your fire-damaged home.

 How Does SERVPRO Clean Your Home's Air?   

 Depending on environmental conditions at your location in Wilmington, smoke gases and particles could remain airborne in your house for some time after a fire. SERVPRO professionals employ a vast array of high-tech equipment to remove these contaminants from your home's air. Among other things, this gear includes:

  •  HVAC cleaning systems with agitators, a strong vacuum, and filters
  • Scrubbers that filter your home's interior air, removing gases and smoke particles, and replace it with cleaner outdoor air
  • Ozone machines that counteract odorous particles with ozone gas
  • Vaportek devices to neutralize smells with aerosolized natural oils
  • High-velocity box fans and air movers to thoroughly ventilate your residence
  • Thermal foggers that eliminate odors with aerosolized deodorizers

 Each of these tools helps tackle harsh fire-related smells and improve your home's overall air quality.

 Often, the most difficult things to remediate following a house fire are lingering odors. These are caused by smoke particles in the air, as well as by deposited soot residues. If workers do not clean up this smoke damage effectively, the associated smells could repeatedly return to haunt you every time the weather warms up. Fortunately, local companies like SERVPRO have the experience and tools to do the job right the first time.

 Whenever you need assistance getting rid of a fire's unpleasant odors, call SERVPRO of New Hanover at (910) 762-8180.

Need Emergency-Response Fire Damage Restoration Services?

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

Fire damaged kitchen; smoke and soot on walls and ceiling SERVPRO’s cleanup and rebuilding services restored this kitchen after fire damage.

SERVPRO of New Hanover Provides Fire Cleanup for Wilmington Homes

Fire damage situations, particularly in kitchens, are grossly underreported each year. However, the smoke and soot accumulation from such disasters can create long-terms damages to structures and appliances that are challenging to address in full of consumer-grade products.

SERVPRO provides comprehensive cleanup and rebuilding services for Wilmington homeowners requiring fire damage restoration. This service is available 24/7 and can begin within hours of initial contact.

Dealing with Kitchen Fire Protein Residues

Fires caused by cooking meat, poultry, or fish add an extra layer of difficulty to the cleanup process with burnt proteins. The residues from these byproducts can be characterized as:

  • Greasy to the touch
  • Foul-smelling compared to other soils
  • Lacking color but can stain surfaces over time

SERVPRO techs use enzyme digesters to convert these proteins into water-soluble byproducts that are odorless and easy to clean, which allows for more of your belongings to be salvaged after a kitchen fire.

SERVPRO of New Hanover provides emergency-response fire damage restoration when homeowners call (910) 762-8180.

Wrightsville Beach Residents Can Travel by “Reindeer”

12/17/2020 (Permalink)

Close up of Holiday decorated street; many lights SERVPRO loves the holiday season! We look forward to seeing you at the Reindeer Trolley.

Caroling by “Reindeer” Trolley is Part of the Holiday Fun Awaiting Wrightsville Beach

Christmas carols, Santa, and holiday lights await visitors to the historic downtown in nearby Wilmington. It is a delightful time, and you can enjoy caroling by carriage or trolley. These carriages are horse-drawn, and you can snuggle down under a blanket while heading out for a tour of the Christmas lights. Santa Claus will be handing out free candy canes to the kiddos. The event is happening:

  • December 18 & 19
  • December 23 & 24

The magic is from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Tickets are:

  • Adults - $14
  • Kids under 12 - $6.00

It all takes place at Market & Water Streets, downtown Wilmington. Trolley tours are available as well.

SERVPRO Proudly Serves Wrightsville Beach

SERVPRO of New Hanover provides fire debris cleanup to Wrightsville Beach and surrounding areas. If you need fire damage mitigation, our company has the expertise, experience, and equipment to handle the job. Our technicians are certified and fire and water cleanup and restoration. Contact us at (910) 762-8180 for more information.

Who Can Homeowners Contact to Restore Their Homes After a Fire?

10/30/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van parked outside of home Our experienced technicians have the equipment your home needs after a fire. Call us today for immediate assistance.

Wilmington Residents Should Call SERVPRO for Professional Restoration.

 Can’t Homeowners Have a Crew Remove Scorched Items and Paint Over the Walls?

Returning Wilmington homes to a pre-fire condition requires more than paint and hauling out trash. SERVPRO teams have technicians specially trained to preserve the home, clean property, and remove odors.

Where Do Restoration Technicians Begin?

To begin fire damage restoration, our teams first have to stop and prevent further damage to each home. These first steps are emergency services, or mitigation activities, which include:

  • Boarding up doors, windows, and roofs – Between the fire and efforts to extinguish it, doors and windows are easily broken and have to be covered temporarily with plywood to reduce the effects of weather. If the fire burns through walls and the roof, technicians stretch tarps over the damaged areas and secure it with fir strips, nails, and screws.
  • Demolition and debris removal – Heat, flames, and smoke can ruin a large amount of personal and structural property.
  • Ventilation - Although our teams board up everything when we are not working, technicians set up a series of fans to increase air circulation. This activity, along with installing dehumidifiers, reduces odors, forces out damp air out of the home, and lowers the humidity. Both help dry the interior without physically touching anything, reducing the risk of additional damage.
  • Weather plays a key role in ventilating an interior.

Is That All SERVPRO Does at First?

No. If there is personal property that has to be cleaned immediately, our teams can remove items to our facility, where we have an extensive inventory of cleaning agents, isolation chambers, ultrasonic cleaning tanks, and more that can restore the appearance of anything from curtains and blankets to sofas and tables. Odor elimination and soot and soil removal are goals we pursue to restore content and personal treasured possessions.

To learn more about what SERVPRO of New Hanover can do for your home here or in Wrightsville Beach, call us today at (910) 762-8180. We are ready to help you restore your home and your life to its pre-fire state. 

Why It Is Important To Clean Your HVAC System During and After Fire Damage in Carolina Beach?

5/5/2020 (Permalink)

Concrete wall with a vent that has smoke coming out of it Fire Damage Often Means Cleaning the HVAC System in Carolina Beach Properties

SERVPRO Inspects and Repairs HVAC Systems That Can Be Contaminated with Fire & Smoke Residues and Lingering Odors 

 Fire damage incidents are always frightening. Luckily, if you promptly take the right restoration actions, you can prevent further damage and salvage most of your possessions. It is not all about cleaning the soot and smoke particles that you usually see after a fire; there are inspections that we perform in your Carolina Beach home during the restoration to uncover hidden issues. For instance, have you ever asked yourself what it takes to clean a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system after a fire event?

 While cleaning the HVAC unit may not be mandatory during fire damage restoration in Carolina Beach, our SERVPRO technicians never take chances. If the system is contaminated, it can spread smoke residues within the structure once you switch it on. When we are performing HVAC duct cleaning, we adhere to the state and local regulations. We are going to look at some of the steps we follow when cleaning these vital systems.

 Fire and HVAC System Relation

 Our SERVPRO technicians start by identifying the location of the fire in relation to the return side or supply side of the HVAC system. Even if the system was off, air pressure might develop from the heat which can move smoke particles into the ducts. Knowing whether the unit was operating during the fire and the duration it took is equally essential. So, irrespective of the situation, we have to inspect the system and check whether it has smoke residues and odors. Our Green Fleet supplies our SERVPRO technicians with the heavy-duty equipment and cleaning and deodorizing products to complete the task at hand.

 HVAC Contamination and Fire Damage Degree

 Once we are sure some level of contamination exists in the unit, checking the extent of the damage follows. It is the time when we identify the type of smoke particles and whether odors are present. Our SERVPRO technicians are familiar with the design and operation of HVAC systems, and that helps us to identify mechanical damage, and if present, we may recommend a replacement. Depending on the state of the filters, we can clean or do a replacement several times during the recovery process. By using ULV Foggers, we can perform deodorization to neutralize the odors.

 At SERVPRO of New Hanover, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster and offer residents 24-hour emergency services. Call us at (910) 762-8180 when you need a trusted industry leader to serve you.

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What Should I Do When a Fire Destroys My Elizabethtown Home and How Can I Save My Valuables?

4/21/2020 (Permalink)

4 windows of a home with smoke and fire coming out SERVPRO has the right equipment to remove soot after a fire saving your belongings from further damage.

SERVPRO Responds Quickly, Provides Reliable Fire Damage Restoration and Helps Elizabethtown Residents Save Precious Items.

A fire can be the most devastating thing to happen to your Elizabethtown property. When the fire is out, and everything is said and done, you need someone by your side to protect against loss. Everyone wants to save money, minimize damages, and relieve this increasingly prevalent threat. However, not everyone has the tools, training, and resources to pull it off in the best possible manner.

 Every homeowner throughout the Elizabethtown area can benefit from helpful tips from a fire damage restoration expert. Our experts want you to recover as soon as possible, and these tips can help ensure that you do. Always start by checking your coverage with your insurance provider. You need to verify that you have the proper coverage, so you’re never left out in the cold.

 When an incident occurs, call your agent immediately to begin your claim process as soon as possible. You’ll also need to secure your property and belongings before calling it a day. Your highly-trained SERVPRO team can help you minimize damages to your property and help prevent additional problems from forming in exposed areas of your home.

 It is especially important to maintain a record of household contents, take pictures and record everything of value before accidents happen. SERVPRO’s entire staff can help you implement a plan to help protect your property and reduce stress related to any problems that might arise. We help you think of every possibility and cut down on surprises.

 You should also maintain records regarding living expenses while displaced from your home. Repairing fire damage in your home can be a lengthy process, one that requires the attention of experienced professionals. SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians have access to advanced restoration equipment and provide you with services you can count on to return your home to a quality pre-damage condition, “Like it never even happened.”

 Many times, the smoke is just as destructive as the flames. At SERVPRO, we mitigate damage to both your Elizabethtown home and the contents inside. We know that your family's belongings are what makes your house 'home' and without them, things are just not the sameWhen a family's home in Elizabethtown sustains fire damage, SERVPRO technicians working on the house's structure to remove damaged areas also take the items inside into consideration. We box things up, room to room, in clean boxes and label each with its inventory sheet's number. We take the majority of these items to our facility to clean and restore them.

 We can set aside any items that your family needs immediately so we can work on those first, making sure that you receive them as soon as possible. Soot can spread its griminess with the slightest touch. We have the equipment to remove residue, even in the deepest grooves and minute details of your belongings.

 We use ultrasonic cleaning techniques that act in a way similar to hydrogen peroxide, with its bubbling action, to remove foreign substances after fire damage. While we can clean hard surfaces in your home with special cloths that trap soot particles, textured items require more attention. A short time in the ultrasonic cleaning equipment works well at removing soot that manual cleaning might take hours to accomplish.

 We can restore and clean items that can be immersed in water and also dry quickly. Your Grandmother's china and knick-knacks from your parents' vacations can once again find their place in your home and look just as lovely as before. Many customers find that years of dust that accumulated on their belongings no longer dulls them. Our equipment is this effective. Therefore, if antiques should not receive this treatment to maintain their patina, please inform us, so we know to use other restoration methods. While these might take longer, the final effects are our goal and your satisfaction with our work.

Once cleaned, some items might require deodorization. We use special chambers to do this with hydroxyl generators that remove the odors still embedded in these things. We only use ozone on completely dry items, and both methods are equally effective.

 SERVPRO of New Hanover offers full-service solutions to fire damage on your property, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for your convenience. We also go that extra mile to provide you with fast response times and quality services you can trust. Call our office, today (910) 762-8180!

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How SERVPRO Removes Fire Damage Odors in Wilmington

3/13/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damaged room. Smoke and soot on ceiling and wall Should fire damage your home, call SERVPRO. Our team knows how to remove the odors and restore your home.

Wilmington Fire Damage Solutions for Persistent Odors

When a fire eats its way through your Wilmington home, it does devour building materials and contents. Depending on the composition of the structural components or articles burned, the temperature, and the amount of oxygen available, the flames often can incompletely consume their fuel. The residues left behind contain liquids, vapors, tars, and tiny particles of the things burned but not destroyed. 

Lingering Particles Mean Long-term Odors

The tiny particles, at first airborne as solids in smoke, eventually coat the surfaces in your Wilmington residence, fire damage typically called soot. Trapped inside each soot particle, nearly impossible to see one by one, are malodorous chemical compounds. As we work to clear away fire debris and residues, the stench naturally reduces. Deep cleaning to dissolve and suspends the soot permits us to rinse or wipe away the particles, and their odors. Care must be taken not to drive soot more deeply into permeable materials as the particles are sharp-edged as well as smelly.

Oder Risks Depending on Types of Soot

Lighter, ashy soot produced by hot, high oxygen burning of paper and wood brushes, vacuums off surfaces. Dry chemical sponges offer an excellent option on ceiling and walls that are less durable. Because these materials burned more completely and cleaned up relatively quickly, odors are less of an issue for the SERVPRO team. 

Sticky, dark soot after electrical, plastic, fiber or low-oxygen smoldering fires need a cleanser with wetting agents or surfactants and more agitation to release. The chemical makeup of the cords, rubbers, and plastics, and synthetic fabrics plus the adhesive nature of the soot make odor control more evasive.  

Protein-based soot is the dehydrated residues of food, oils, and grease, hard to remove, and extremely pungent. Coating removal uses solvents abrasive tools, and the smell is tenacious. 

Odor Reducing and Eliminating Opportunities

SERVPRO deodorizing specialists have other possibilities available, and we work until your home sees the best results. We might use deodorant blocks or granules in hard to clean spots like HVAC systems to mask smells. Innovative technologies such as wet or thermal fogging, ozone machines, and hydroxyl generators pair with unpleasant odiferous particles and change their chemical composition. These actions at a molecular level neutralize the smell, rendering this kind of fire damage solved, “Like it never even happened.”

Have confidence that the professionals at SERVPRO of New Hanover pledge to make every effort to eliminate the lingering smell after fire damage. Contact (910) 762-8180 as soon as possible so we can get to work.

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What is the Best Way to Clean Fire Damaged Clothing and Toys in Wilmington?

2/13/2020 (Permalink)

Ceiling of a room with rafters exposed and soot covering framing and walls Smoke and soot can permeate fabrics. SERVPRO has the cleaners to remove the smoke and leave your home smelling fresh.

Cleaning Challenges After Fire Damage in Wilmington: Clothing and Toys

 When sorting through items damaged after a fire in Wilmington, a couple of categories cause more concern than others. The clothing you and your loved one’s wear could expose you to the potential of toxic substances potentially absorbed through contact. The toys your children treasure need not only to pass the skin contact test, but they also risk the possibility of being chewed or sucked, requiring a whole higher level of clean. 

 Preliminary Sorting

 Replacing an entire wardrobe for every occupant after fire damage in your Wilmington home is expensive and disruptive. With everything you need to accomplish during the aftermath, our ability to clean and restore most of your clothing is crucial. Initially, we need your help to prioritize the contents of your dressers and closets:

 (1) The clothing you and your family need immediately

(2) The clothing we can take longer to process

(3) The clothing that serves a seasonal or limited purpose

 We keep a detailed inventory of all clothing, including conditions and evolving plans for restoring or discarding.

 Cleaning and Deodorizing Clothing

 Many clothing articles are made solely or partially of synthetic fibers, permitting the bonding of smoke particles and odor molecules with the fabrics unless we move quickly. A brief run-down of the steps and techniques SERVPRO uses helps clarify the process.

  •  Because metal hangers can oxidize due to smoke residues, staining clothing, we immediately remove clothing and discard the hangers.
  •  Use techniques like brushing and directing compressed air to remove loose particles and accelerate the evaporation of odor molecules.
  •  Check labels to determine the appropriate cleaning method -- laundering or dry cleaning.
  •  Treat persistent odors that linger after cleaning with Solvent-based odor counteractants and Thermal fogging 

 Restoring Toys 

 It is vital that SERVPRO technicians clean and sanitizes playthings thoroughly before returning them to your children. No matter how much your young ones love the toys, if we cannot eradicate the smoke residues and fumes, the objects must be discarded. Drycleaning solvents are ineffective on soft items like stuffed animals. Fumes from the solvents can linger.

 SERVPRO of New Hanover has skilled employees who follow the restoration industry’s best practices when cleaning structures and contents. Give us a call at (910) 762-8180 to discuss your restoration options.

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What is the Best Way to Clean Fired Damaged Fabrics in Wilmington?

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damaged garage.  SERVPRO van in driveway. Our Green Fleet is standing by to restore your fire damage. Call us today!

Fire Damage Restoration in Wilmington Often Requires Restorers to Clean Fabrics

Any time something burns inside a building, including your Wilmington townhome, the smoke created by the blaze can spread throughout your entire structure. Smoke rises with the heat and then attaches to cooler surfaces and possibly causes extensive fire damage. Once gases from the burn touch other surfaces in your home, they can leave behind soils and soot residues when the partially combusted particles return to their solid-state.

Smoke can travel through every room inside your townhome complex and cause issues inside your unit. Many fire damage projects in Wilmington require a large amount of cleaning and soot removal efforts during the restoration process. Since blazes put off different types of smoke based on what they burn, our SERVPRO technicians can utilize a variety of methods to clean every surface inside your dwelling. When we first arrive at your residence, one of the first steps we take is to test clean any of your building materials and contents that got negatively affected. Before beginning any restoration procedures, we figure out what we can save with cleaning and which soot removal techniques work best for each item.

During some situations, items inside your home like your carpets or upholstered furniture can get negatively affected by soot residues and soils. When cleaning residues from fabrics, our SERVPRO technicians can utilize a variety of methods based on the types of soot present. For example, carpet inside your home can often be restored through cleaning because heat rises during a fire. In some cases, though, the carpets can collect the fallout of burnt smoke particles from the air.

When cleaning carpets, we first start by dry vacuuming the affected area. Vacuums equipped with high-efficiency particulate air or HEPA filters can be useful when removing light soot residues from fabrics. If the soot residues have soaked deeper into your carpet, we can clean your carpets with detergents and deodorizers.

If any of your upholstered items in your home, such as your couch or recliner chair, get damaged, we can often remove the residues with dry cleaning methods. Dry sponges or vacuuming can also get soils from upholstered furniture if the soot is only on the surface. In some scenarios, soot residues can cause your furniture to stain. When this occurs, we can clean the items with a one percent chlorine bleach cleaning solution to remove the staining.

If you ever notice soot residues or soils present inside your townhome after something burns, call SERVPRO of New Hanover at (910) 762-8180 24/7. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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We Discuss Initial Scope And Move Out Estimate Of Fire Damage In Wilmington

11/24/2019 (Permalink)

Chair and living room covered in soot and ash Our crew is ready to respond after a fire in your home.

How SERVPRO Conducts an Initial Scope and Move Out Estimate of Fire Damage in Wilmington

 Not many Wilmington residents have prior experience with a fire loss. Consequently, when they confront the aftermath of even a seemingly minor fire, the stress and worry are all too real. Fortunately, what you might lack in familiarity with fire recovery our employees possess the skills, training, and equipment to turn a wet, sooty mess around. Here are some of the first actions we take when called to a fire emergency to give you context and general framework if a move-out of contents is a possibility.

 Meet Your Estimator

The first of our team, you likely see, respond to fire damage in Wilmington is one of our seasoned estimators. Focusing on how many of the water, smoke, and soot-damaged items can benefit from and move toward restoration through appropriate cleaning is the estimator’s primary mission. We depend on the homeowner to share a range of information with the estimator, the better to serve you and restore your property expeditiously.

 Understanding Pre-Testing Results and the Restoration Process

Your SERVPRO estimator performs pre-tests to demonstrate the effect of cleaning methods on fire-damaged items. The results and an overview of the protocols we follow are communicated, and any questions answered. We want our customers to understand how we plan and then implement the phases of a fire damage restoration agenda with the spotlight on contents.

Move-Out Considerations

SERVPRO can offer a pack-out option to prevent further harm to items in the fire damage-affected areas. If there is a clean and dry space within your house or another building on the premises, it can be cost-effective to move the items of interest out and work with them close to home. We also have access to resources at our production facility designed to clean, dry, and deodorize items that provide challenging to manage at your home.

 Estimating Costs for Moving and Cleaning of Contents

The estimator in charge of your move-out does preliminary sorting of objects, dividing them broadly as to whether they are restorable or not. This baseline inventory informs the adjuster from your insurance carrier as to expected claims. Adjusters use the SERVPRO estimate total to establish a reserve on the claim, projecting the eventual costs for the claim. Our experienced estimators strive to provide an initial estimate that closely reflects actual costs.

 SERVPRO of New Hanover takes great care when evaluating the projected cost to move out and restore contents damaged in a fire. Call us at (910) 762-8180 to start the estimating process.

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Cleaning and Restoring Kure Beach Homes After a Fire

9/19/2019 (Permalink)

Rafters and framing of the inside of a home, with ceiling and beams severely charred and burned. Your fire damage in Kure Beach will need assistance, call SERVPRO.

Let us handle your fire damage in Kure Beach.

 We work hard to save our customers money through every phase of fire damage recovery in their Kure Beach home. While the restoration of your property might feel overwhelming at first, our practices and fast response to emergencies can often reduce out of pocket expenses, and can even reduce the costs of damage claims that many property owners file after a loss incident. The less costly a claim is, the less likely that your premium might increase substantially or at all. Our focus in helping you through this process begins with our efficient restoring and cleaning approaches.

 Especially following fire damage in Kure Beach properties, restoration and cleaning might not always feel possible. There is no denying that replacement or even resurfacing can cost more money in the long run than our restoration and recovery practices. Our SERVPRO professionals have the skills and experience to help in all of these areas when necessary, but often push for restoration above replacement or even resurfacing whenever possible. Not only does this inevitably save our customers money, but it can help jobs completed in a timelier fashion as well.


 Resurfacing is often a common element that our SERVPRO team must implement after a fire loss incident, but the degree that we use this practice is the way we can become the most cost-effective option. With combustion that can mar surfaces like walls and ceilings, repainting might be necessary. The same can be said for refinishing flooring. While these might not seem like overly costly tasks, restoration and cleaning practices can often eliminate these needs.


As a restoration team, our SERVPRO brand works to reduce the need for replacement and demolition as much as possible. We understand that substantial structural damage situations demand replacement and reinstallation, but when this outcome can be avoided, we can save our customers money and time.

 We have skilled technicians that can help our customers to overcome most any obstacle after a fire loss incident, including both reconstruction and resurfacing as needed. You can depend on the efficient response and expertise of our SERVPRO of New Hanover fire restoration specialists to make these loss effects “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (910) 762-8180.

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Furniture in Wilmington Properties Get Cleaned of Soot and Fire Damage--Just Call SERVPRO

6/27/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Keeps Your Hands Clean By Restoring Your Soot and Fire Damaged Home for You in Wilmington

Deep Cleaning and Other Techniques Resolve Smoke and Soot Damage within Wilmington Homes

Homeowners inspecting their home after a fire find that surfaces covered in dark soot often remain unaffected by the flames or the heat. Wiping these components down with a cloth shows the difficulty involved in cleaning these pieces around your home to an acceptable degree.

When a customer calls SERVPRO about their Wilmington home's soot damage, we assure them that we can handle the situation and help them reclaim their valued possessions. There is no need to throw out treasured heirlooms and refurbished items.

Our technicians pay attention to detail, often taking pictures of the items before removing knobs and handles. Taking these pieces off helps get them clean in areas where soot might have collected in denser layers because of the static charge. Having the photos helps get the bits back together with the way you remember them.
Wood furniture made a generation or two ago contained minimal, if any, pressed wood products like particle board. Older items in your home that soot covers can become stained when the soot sits too long on the surface. We remove smoke residue from these and composite wood materials using different cleaning agents and tools, typically starting with either wet or dry sponges or vacuuming excess soot that easily falls off in a powdery mess.

Our technicians use low-alkaline cleaners that strip the soot off surfaces quickly. If cleaning reveals staining on the surface, the technician then uses a thick creme paste specifically for wood that minimizes stains. Upon finishing and rinsing this off, an application of our Lemon Oil Polish leaves the piece smelling beautifully again and well-protected. Heat often strips natural wood of the oils that kept it from developing cracks and this polish can help prevent this from marring your furniture.

Newer items containing pressed wood and particle board can swell when exposed to water, as well as the steam produced, during fire-fighting maneuvers. Some of these items might require replacements, but for those that do not, we can attempt to restore them with different methods. Using a dry sponge or in some cases, a stiff wire brush, and a vacuum, the technician removes as much soot as possible. Often, this method removes the film, but for those situations where the residue remains deeply embedded in the surface, our technician uses alcohol to dissolve the soot by breaking it down into smaller particles. For the toughest soot, the technician might rely on a sander to remove the uppermost surface. Using a fine-grained sanding paper ensures that only the damaged area gets removed.

SERVPRO of New Hanover's experienced technicians help many of the residents in Wrightsville Beach, Castle Hayne, and Kure Beach reclaim their furniture from the effects of smoke damage. Call our 24-hour service line, (910) 762-8180, so we can help reduce the expenses related to your recovery after any size fire.

Professionals Talk About Remediating Grease Fire Damage in Wilmington

5/13/2019 (Permalink)

This shows time lapsed images of pouring water onto a grease fire. Always smother a grease fire.

What You Can Do When a Kitchen Grease Fire Causes Damage in Your Wilmington Home

Everybody uses their stove, but sometimes being ignorant of proper fire-safety can lead to fire damage happening inside of your kitchen. You should always smother grease fires. If a pot of grease catches fire, cut off oxygen by covering it with a lid, or use an extinguisher. However, you should never apply water to a grease fire, as it can cause the fire to turn very violent and spread the fire from your pan to your countertops and cupboards. 

Fortunately for your Wilmington home, the fire damage was contained to one section of your kitchen by your sprinkler system, which snuffed out the fire through the use of powder. Greasy soot from the fire has stained your stove, the wall behind it, the countertops, and the cupboards. Furthermore, your kitchen has an unpleasant odor that is associated with something burning. To remediate all of these damages and see your kitchen in its pre-burned state again, it is imperative for you to call for help immediately.  

When you call SERVPRO, we always make getting to you promptly a priority. As soon as you call and explain your problem, we begin to assemble a team of highly trained technicians. Very soon after your call, our technicians travel to your home, bringing specifically created supplies to remediate fire damage.  

Our SERVPRO techs clean off the impacted stove and countertops, removing any burnt material. From there, we empty your cupboard and carefully pack your glassware away for thorough cleaning. SERVPRO uses a custom-created cleaning solution designed specifically to combat smoke damage and soot. 

Our technicians also use a spray-and-wipe method repeatedly to remove the soot from the surfaces of your kitchen. Our formula is lubricative and lifts the grime away from the impacted surface. To combat the malodor, SERVPRO set up a carbon filtered air scrubber to pull the very particles from the air that cause the scent and trap them. By the end of the work, we hope to return your home to you in its preloss condition, free of any reminders of what occurred. 

If a mistake causes a fire inside of your home, never wait for help. Get in touch with SERVPRO of New Hanover by dialing (910) 762-8180. No matter the time, we're always ready to take your call.

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Tips for Recovering From a Fire in Wilmington

4/8/2019 (Permalink)

It doesn't take long for a small flame to grow into a large fire. Call SERVPRO for your fire damage restoration needs.

Restoring Your Home and Family Life after Fire Damage Occurs in Wilmington

Even small-sized fires can create disastrous results that continue to affect your house and family long after the incident. In addition to the rebuilding and restoration services we offer to the Wilmington community, we also have a few tips that could help your family feel better quickly.  

Various agencies in Wilmington help families whose homes have sustained fire damage, and SERVPRO puts you in contact with these helpful sources faster. We know that many of these places provide replacements for immediate needs like toiletries and other essentials while we work tirelessly to restore the personal belongings in your home. You need both present needs and treasured items to recover from a disaster involving fire damage quickly and thoroughly.  

When relatives know about an emergency, help from familiar, extended family members becomes possible while relieving anyone who heard about the fire through the news, neighbors, or from stopping by to visit, putting their minds at ease about your family's safety. Simple tasks like giving rides to after-school activities can take an enormous burden off your shoulders and keep your children's routines as normal as possible. The technicians at SERVPRO help keep you and your family updated on your property's restoration progress.  

Another call you should always make after any fire damage to your property happens is to your insurance adjuster's office. Explaining the situation can give them an idea of what else you should do to protect your property. They might ask for you to forward a copy of the fire department's report to their office to speed up the processing of your claim. Calling as soon as possible can mean the difference between finding shelter on your own or having someone help find suitable lodging, as well as provide you the funds for this as well as incidentals and meals. Because we work with so many of the insurance agencies in our area, we can help explain more complicated matters directly to the adjuster that might need clarification to help you settle claims in a more timely matter. Doing so can significantly diminish any stress your family might otherwise experience.  

While these calls do take some time and can seem tedious when you might still feel the shock of the fire's impact, the benefits your family gains are immeasurable. Making one of those first calls to

SERVPRO of New Hanover at (910) 762-8180 begins the assessment of the damage and the restoration work necessary. We can help you make things “Like it never even happened.” so your family can get back to how they remember them.

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The Real Truth Behind the Correlation Between the Aging Electrical Wiring in Your Wilmington Home and Fire Damage

3/31/2019 (Permalink)

After fire damage resulting from an electrical fire in your home, contact SERVPRO to remediate the damage as well as assess the wiring situation.

Faulty Wiring can Cause Fire Damage in Your Wilmington Home

Many Wilmington homeowners have aging properties that got constructed decades ago. Without the steep regulations and required inspections that are a staple of modern construction, many of the building trades went unchecked and unquestioned with their installation of critical systems like electrical wiring. Additionally, the quality and insulation of the wiring itself have improved with time, but older materials remain susceptible to failures such as overheating and shorts that can combust. Faulty wiring is the cause of many fire emergencies throughout the area, and when disaster strikes, you need professionals that can respond quickly.

Once the first responders and firefighters have left your home, you have to assess the full scope of the Wilmington fire damage to know where to begin restoring these effects. Our SERVPRO team can respond 24/7 to give a thorough and honest assessment of the property to determine what restorative practices are necessary, the equipment needed to complete the job, and how many of our IICRC-certified technicians the job requires.

With early stages like debris removal and demolition, our contractors can get a look at the source of the damage and determine where a short might have occurred. While our professionals can rebuild and reconstruct damaged areas of the property, we also have the experience and skill to handle complex building tradecrafts, such as installing new wiring, conduit, and receptacles.

The controlled demolition in your home often coincides with other mitigation tasks performed by our SERVPRO professionals. From cleanup of soot and smoke residues through removing indoor air quality concerns with our hydroxyl generators and ozone machines, we have the expertise and the broad inventory of recovery equipment to make any fire damage situation “Like it never even happened.”

While you might not know about the age or degradation of your electrical wiring throughout your home, you can always trust in our rapid response recovery team to help. Our SERVPRO of New Hanover contractors and certified restoration specialists can help you through every phase of recovering your property after a fire. Give us a call anytime at (910) 762-8180.

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Leaving a Space Heater Unattended inside Your Wrightsville Beach Home Can Cause Fire Damage

9/9/2018 (Permalink)

Space heaters are great for warmth but can cause damage to your home if they are the cause of a fire. Be vigilant and call SERVPRO after a fire.

SERVPRO Technicians are BOTH Certified and Properly Equipped to Remediate After a Fire in Your Home 

Sometimes rainstorms and fall weather can bring chilly days that make you want to take your space heater out of storage, but leaving it unattended can cause fire damage. You may be tempted to attend to chores in another part of your home, but leaving it can be dangerous. A rug that is pushed too close to the heater or an electrical malfunction can cause a blaze to start.
Fortunately, catching the flames early and extinguishing it can avoid severe fire damage to your Wrightsville Beach home. However, the damage that was done can still leave you in need of remediation services. Due to the nature of fire-based damage, the quicker that you call for help, the more likely a successful remediation can occur.
When you call SERVPRO, our team of IICRC-certified technicians makes it their priority to arrive at your residence as swiftly as possible. Upon arrival, our techs can investigate the damage and then our estimator can walk you through it, answering any questions while giving you an estimated time-frame for the remediation. Once we are all on the same page, our technicians can begin to work.
SERVPRO can remove any remains of the carpet that burned as a result of the fire to begin the process. To remove the soot stains off of your wooden flooring, SERVPRO can choose a gentle alternative to chemically-based cleaning products. Instead, our techs can choose to use lubricative cleaning methods, which lift the dirt and grime away from the wood. We can do the same for nearby furniture or decorations.
After thoroughly cleaning the space where the fire occurred, SERVPRO can then use a thermal fogger to help neutralize any odor that is left behind. We always strive to remove all reminders of the damage that happened inside of your home, including scent. After we have completed the remediation successfully, you can rest assured knowing your home has been returned to its preloss state.
When a fire breaks out onto your property and causes damages of any degree, do not hesitate. Get in touch with SERVPRO of New Hanover by calling (910) 762-8180. 24/7, we are available for you.

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Why It Is Important To Clean Your HVAC System during Fire Damage Restoration in Carolina Beach

7/5/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Often Means Cleaning the HVAC System in Carolina Beach Properties

Complete Fire & Smoke Residues and Odor Remediation Needed? Call SERVPRO

Fire damage incidents are always frightening. Luckily, if you promptly take the right restoration actions, you can prevent further damage and salvage most of your contents. It is not all about cleaning the soot and smoke particles that you usually see after a fire; there are inspections that we perform in your Carolina Beach home during the restoration to uncover hidden issues. For instance, have you ever asked yourself what it takes to clean a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system after a fire event?

While cleaning the HVAC unit may not be mandatory during fire damage restoration in Carolina Beach, our SERVPRO technicians never take chances. If the system is contaminated, it can spread smoke residues within the structure once you switch it on. When we are performing HVAC duct cleaning, we adhere to the state and local regulations. We are going to look at some of the steps we follow when cleaning these vital systems.
Our SERVPRO technicians start by identifying the location of the fire in relation to the return side or supply side of the HVAC system. Even if the system was off, air pressure might develop from the heat which can move smoke particles into the ducts. Knowing whether the unit was operating during the fire and the duration it took is equally essential. So, irrespective of the situation, we have to inspect the system and check whether it has smoke residues and odors. Our Green Fleet supplies our SERVPRO technicians with the heavy-duty equipment and cleaning and deodorizing products to complete the task at hand.
Once we are sure some level of contamination exists in the unit, checking the extent of the damage follows. It is the time when we identify the type of smoke particles and whether odors are present. Our SERVPRO technicians are familiar with the design and operation of HVAC systems, and that helps us to identify mechanical damage, and if present, we may recommend a replacement. Depending on the state of the filters, we can clean or do a replacement several times during the recovery process. By using ULV Foggers, we can perform deodorization to neutralize the odors.
At SERVPRO of New Hanover, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster and offer residents 24-hour emergency services. Call us at (910) 762-8180 when you need a trusted industry leader to serve you.

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After a Fire We Can Reduce Smoke Odors

5/28/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage restoration often includes dealing with water damage as well. Contact SERVPRO to remediate both right away.

Certified SERVPRO Technicians Have the Training to Remediate Fire and Water Damage in Your Home

Fires can occur at any time and without any prior notice. When there is a fire in your home, call professionals to inspect the home as soon as possible. They are experienced in fire damage restoration and can make your home look “Like it never even happened.”
SERVPRO fire damage services in Wrightsville Beach also include water removal when needed. At times, firefighters use a great deal of water to extinguish the fire. When that occurs, our technicians may use a variety of methods to extract water from the affected area. Extractors remove water from areas such as carpets, upholstery, and floors. To remove water from carpeting, flooring or upholstery technicians may use the vacuum extractor. If there is a large amount of water in the home, the team may use a pump. To dry the area, technicians, typically, use air movers or high-velocity axial fans to speed up drying.  
When dealing with smoke odors, the crew can reduce smells in your home. Smoke can be pungent and offensive and often lingers in the area after a fire. The team will remove charred furniture and other burned items with the homeowner's consent. Also, the crew can shut off the HVAC system during cleaning to prevent smoke residue, ash, and soot from spreading throughout the home via the vents and ductwork. Fire, ash and smoke residues can contaminate ducts if it filters through ductwork. We inspect the HVAC system to determine the extent of smoke residue and to check for smoke odors. If smoke residues are there, we clean the affected areas to prevent ash, soot, and smoke from being blown throughout your home when you use your HVAC system.
Our first objective is to prevent fire and smoke damages from further damaging your home. We may need to board or tape to secure the property and to prevent intruders from coming in the home. It is important to note that if the structure needs major work, homeowners must call a contractor to do the repairs.  
We provide 24/7 emergency services. Call SERVPRO of New Hanover at (910) 762-8180 for a fast response.

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