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Commercial Flood Damage Restoration Options in Wilmington

7/11/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial office space When flooding affects your medical office and electronic records, contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

Recovering Flooded Electronics in a Wilmington Office Building

Many office buildings and medical facilities throughout Wilmington have put considerable stock into the technological age and transitioned almost exclusively to digital record keeping and account information. A water loss incident like a flood in your building could threaten these records, even when you have no physical hard copies within your property. With such a dependence on the electronics, devices, and hardware required for a digital-based office, floodwaters could threaten these crucial elements and cause significant problems for accessing the necessary information for your clients in the future.

While you might not be tech-savvy enough to understand what elements can short out and quit working in servers and hard drives, you know enough to understand that flood damages in your Wilmington office put these devices at risk. Even without direct contact with electronics, excessive moisture and dampness in the environment can have the same undesirable effect. Our SERVPRO mitigation team can help.

From the moment that we arrive at your facility, our experienced team can run risk-assessment on the contents of the building to determine which items are in harm’s way. Electronics, computers, servers, hard drives, and other critical components to your operation can get removed from the premises and stored safely and securely in our nearby facility until full restoration work completes.

If these devices have already become affected by the moisture and dampness present by the flooding in the building, our SERVPRO Contents Department has the training to recover these devices and safely dry them out to salvage them. We can work quickly with exposed devices to protect the vital information that your firm has stored on their drives. Once restoration work completes within the building, we can return these electronics and devices to their original positions.

Recovering from a flood is challenging enough for a business owner responsible for a building. When you have to worry about the sensitive information contained on standalone servers and hard drives of computers within that building, you need a team of professionals that can show up quickly to help you protect that information. Our SERVPRO of New Hanover rapid response team is available 24/7 at (910) 762-8180.

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What You Can Do When Your Wilmington Area Movie Theater Sustains Flood Damage

4/20/2022 (Permalink)

rainboots in puddle When it comes to flood damage that is caused by storms, being prepared and following through with your plan is essential.

What You Can Do When Your Movie Theater Sustains Flood Damage

When it comes to flood damage that is caused by storms, being prepared and following through with your plan is essential. Following a plan might not only help prevent disastrous levels of damage to your business, but it could also help ensure that injury does not occur. Making sure that you are in a safe place when the storm hits are critical. Insurance and remediation companies can handle the damage done to your business, but they cannot fix permanent harm done to your body.

The ocean-based storm that hit your independent movie theater caused flood damage inside the building you own. The lobby doors were breached, and now there are several inches of water inside, soaking into the carpet. Upon finding the damage inside of your theater, it is vital for you to call for professional help as soon as you can.

The faster that you can get a team like SERVPRO inside of your building to remediate, the better it can be for the outcome of the job. Flood damage is often time-sensitive and leaving it can cause further complications down the line, such as mold damage.

SERVPRO makes it a priority of arriving at your business when you need us there. We understand how vital foot traffic is for small businesses and, because of it, we work around your schedule. Our employees can even work through the night to keep out of sight and mind.

When SERVPRO arrives at your theater, we can bring advanced technology to handle removing the water from your building. Equipment such as wet/dry vacuums and extractors are excellent at removing water as quickly as possible. Considering that movie theaters are usually covered in carpet, extractors are a very useful tool. They remove water with suction, but also have a heating element inside that simultaneously helps dry carpet, upholstery, and drapes. Once the floodwaters are removed from your lobby, SERVPRO can do one last sweep to make sure that no water remains.

If flood damage impacts your business after a storm, never wait to call for help. Get in touch with SERVPRO of New Hanover by calling (910) 762-8180. Day or night, we can be there for you.

SERVPRO Can Clean Your Commercial Kitchen in Wilmington

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

pan cooking over stovetop Wilmington Restaurants Rely on SERVPRO to Rid the Premises of Smoky Odors Post Fires

Wilmington's Commercial Fire Damage Technicians from SERVPRO

Kitchens are familiar places for fires to start. Commercial kitchens are not immune to accidents, and it is possible that someday a fire starts inside your Wilmington restaurant. After the building gets cleared by the fire department, it is time to assess the damage.

The number one priority is to secure the burnt area and make sure it is safe for your employees and customers. SERVPRO's commercial fire damage professionals in Wilmington know how to complete the restoration process by causing as little of a strain on your business operations as possible. Many times we complete the work outside of business hours so that your restaurant does not lose revenue as a result of the mitigation process.

When starting the cleanup and restoration process, our SERVPRO specialists remove anything that is severely burnt and needs to get replaced. Once all of the charred debris gets discarded, the next step is deodorization. Pungent odors sometimes have multiple sources that get removed to start the deodorization process. Protein-fueled blazes from meats are especially malodorous. Mechanical means can be used to neutralize the odors by recombining the odor-causing into no-offensive or no odor at all. Hydroxyl generators are a safe bet for this.

After items that create foul odors get discarded, surfaces that odor particles stick to get cleaned. Many times cleaning all of the soot residues inside a structure eliminates most pungent odors. However, sometimes odor particles penetrate deep into materials, and other methods get used to rid the area of the awful smells.

If foul smells are still present after all surfaces are clean, the conditions that caused the odor particles to penetrate building materials get recreated. We create smoke behavior by using chemical fogging equipment. Chemical foggers disperse microscopic particles of deodorization chemicals into the structure.

Smoke particles penetrate deeply into materials because they are microscopic. The use of industrial grades hoods helps vent odors to the outside. Odor particles range in size from one-tenth of a micron to four microns. Deodorant particles must be just as small and travel at a high velocity to be effective.

Other factors such as porosity cause odor particles to penetrate deep into materials. The more porous material is, the more likely it is to absorb odors. If the residue is more concentrated in an area, then the odor particles cover a larger surface area. The time an area gets exposed to smoke affects how deep odor particles penetrate.

If odors still exist after recreating the smoke's environment with deodorant chemicals, sometimes walls and studs get sprayed with a special sealant paint to seal the foul odors. For help restoring smoke problems, call SERVPRO of New Hanover at (910) 762-8180 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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What to Do When a Wrightsville Beach School Suffers Fire Damages

3/16/2022 (Permalink)

School Bell The experienced professionals at SERVPRO work quickly and efficiently so that schools can reopen their doors sooner after fire damage.

SERVPRO is Here to Help Keep Schools Safe after Fire Damage

There are plenty of things that you have to concern yourself with regarding the safety of the children that attend Wrightsville Beach schools. When you are dealing with an incident like a fire, regardless of the severity, the lingering effects and potential damage need to be removed, restored, and repaired right away. Knowing whom you can trust to handle any emergency restoration job can save you time, money, and resources.

As a decision maker for incidents like fire damage in Wrightsville Beach schools, the last thing that you want is excessive time getting lost from children kept at home while damage restoration is underway. Often, this fact alone is enough to discourage school systems from attempting to repair and restore fire effects on their own and leave it to the hands of trusted professionals like our SERVPRO team.

Regardless of the severity of the fire itself, there are always going to be symptoms that linger to make it unsafe for children. Smoke and soot damage are typical effects of any size fire, and with our tools and expertise, we can remove the presence of this damage efficiently. Cleaning surfaces, floors, contents, and ceilings usually get accomplished with scrubbers fitted with HEPA filters to prevent dust and debris from floating through the air while the cleaning is underway.

The scent of the smoke can also be a difficult thing to deal with, as this can be noxious in areas that are not well ventilated. Instead, our SERVPRO team can remove the foul smell at a molecular level with the use of dense fogging machines. The chemical fog itself is odorless, and reacts with the foul scent molecules, successfully neutralizing them on contact. Instead of masking this awful smell with a stronger scent, the process leaves nothing behind.

There are varying degrees of restoration when it comes to fire damage, but time is of the essence when classes are supposed to be convening. When you do not have the time to waste to correct and restore the damage left behind by fire or any manner of emergency, contact SERVPRO of New Hanover. Our experienced technicians can be reached anytime at (910) 762-8180.  

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How Can Commercial Water Removal Services Save Your Flooded Wilmington Restaurant?

2/9/2022 (Permalink)

Restaurant Kitchen Water Removal from a Wilmington Restaurant Keeps Customers Happy--Thanks SERVPRO!

Count on SERVPRO for Wilmington Area Business Water Extraction and Cleanup

A flooded restaurant is nothing short of a nightmare for any restaurateur. Whether it is due to a ruptured pipe, broken appliance, or a natural disaster, the best recourse during such a situation is to get the water removed as soon as possible. Thankfully, professional water extraction services can help you get the job done before the situation gets out of hand.

Here at SERVPRO, we have a team of experts who can save your Wilmington restaurant from any long-lasting water damage. Our IICRC certified team has years of experience dealing with water-related emergencies in retail establishments. We work hard to make sure that your doors are open while we mitigate the situation and prevent any further damage.

The SERVPRO technicians spring into action as soon as we hear from you. They assess the situation, make a plan and start getting things under control as quickly as possible. We also understand the risk of additional water-related damage that can result from inefficient water removal and drying. As a result, our technicians use a multi-step drying approach to get your restaurant back to the pre-damage condition as quickly as possible.
Efficient drying is the key to limiting additional damage  
Residual moisture from inefficient drying can result in secondary damage such as mold growth and food and product contamination. SERVPRO technicians use some of the best drying equipment and moisture sensing devices to eliminate residual moisture after a water-related incident in your restaurant. We use high-efficiency dryers, dehumidifiers, and air movers to create a perfect situation for the most efficient water removal from your establishment.

Our technicians understand the physics and mechanics of the drying and use that knowledge to speed up the whole process. They use a combination of heat and relative humidity control and air movement to create the most efficient situation for drying. We also make sure that when we have completed the service, your restaurant is as ready as possible for any inspections and certifications. We also provide documented paperwork as evidence of a dry environment.

Call SERVPRO of New Hanover at (910) 762-8180 today to speak with us and discuss your situation. Remember, We're Faster to Any Size Disaster!

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Movie Theater Features Water Damage in Wilmington

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

movie theater concession area Keep your concession stands operational after a water damage event with a quick call to SERVPRO and their fast response to your emergency.

SERVPRO Technicians Efficiently Remediate Your Water Damage in Order to Minimize Any Downtime

Concession areas have many plumbing and drain points that threaten the rest of a Wilmington entertainment venue with damaging water leaks. Appliances and plumbing lines are all potential sources of anything from slow leaks to outright breaks that send large amounts of water throughout the space. Our full-service restoration company offers the skilled technicians and tools necessary to return your business to normal.
A leak in the water line to an ice maker in one of the secondary concession stands of your multi-screen theater soaked the wall behind the food prep area and the carpeting in front and into the theater. One of our experienced project managers assessed the circumstances and developed a plan to remove the water and handle the commercial water damage in Wilmington to building materials with minimal disturbance to your employees and theatergoers.
Drying the carpeting in place is preferable as the multiplex has carpeting in almost all areas and removing only the wet section would be difficult. The SERVPRO crew uses high-efficiency water extractors to suction out the moisture, adding a weighted wand to ensure that the padding also dries thoroughly. If the padding remains wet, the carpet reabsorbs that moisture and is at risk of mold growth and delamination.
Our crew also evaluates the wall area where the water line leak. Probes and scanners that measure and locate the moisture in structures help us find any residual moisture, including pockets of standing water trapped behind the drywall. If necessary, we cut out a section or drill strategic holes to release the water or give us access so we can use the extractor wand to pull moisture out of the areas. SERVPRO arranges for repairs or replacements to the damaged piping to avoid future problems. At every point in the recovery, we focus on restoration and on permitting routine business activity to continue.
Post-water removal the SERVPRO team positions air movers and dehumidifiers to complete the drying. Technicians continue to monitor the moisture levels in the structures and to check to make sure the carpeting and padding are drying, not wicking moisture from any additional water source. Throughout the restoration process, we inspect for any microbial growth, sanitizing areas affected with professional antimicrobial products to inhibit any unwanted mold or mildew development.
When water damage arises in any area of your business, contact SERVPRO of New Hanover at (910) 762-8180. Fast action is essential when water saturates walls, floors, and carpeting, and we have the skills and the equipment to restore your property quickly.

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What Factors Can Make Mold Removal Complicated?

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage on wall by window Mold damage can be off-putting to your employees and customers. SERVPRO can restore your water damaged building.

SERVPRO Technicians Perform Mold Remediation Services for Wilmington Businesses

Even with regular cleaning with a reliable custodial service, office spaces can see mold proliferate from water damage or rainy weather. It is prudent to remediate mold quickly before it can affect the quality of your workspace.

 SERVPRO is available to render Wilmington mold remediation services for businesses in need. This team is certified to offer remediation services that can improve cleanliness, indoor air quality, and comfort for your employees and clients.

 Considerations for Mold Remediation

  • Mold thrives in warm, moist environments. Mold requires three things to generate: warmth, humidity, and organic material to eat. Ensuring that conditions are suitably dry, cool, and sanitary can minimize your mold risk significantly.
  • Leave remediation to certified pros. Certified restoration technicians have access to personal protection equipment, containment measures, and commercial-grade tools to remove spores from your business.
  • Why mold remediation and not mitigation? Mold exists in almost every building to some degree, as well as in outdoor air. Full removal of mold is not a guarantee.

 SERVPRO’s Sanitation Strategies

Sanitation is key to eliminating mold in a commercial setting. SERVPRO technicians have access to over 100 proprietary cleaning solutions that are OSHA-approved and EPA-registered. Many of these solutions feature biocides designed to remediate microbial growth. We apply these sanitizers can with a variety of tools, including:

  • Commercial-grade pump and trigger sprayers
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Sponges and squeegees
  • Mops
  • Foggers

 These cleaners, in tandem with removal of debris, containment measures, structural drying, and personal protection equipment, allow technicians to provide safe and effective remediation services that prevent mold from spreading to other parts of your business.

 SERVPRO of New Hanover provides a full suite of restoration services that are Faster to Any Size Disaster. You can call (910) 762-8180 to have a team at your home or business within hours of your initial contact.

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Where Might Mold Damage Happen in Your Wilmington Store?

4/22/2021 (Permalink)

Hand peeling back wallpaper to expose mold. Mold can be off-putting to visitors to your store. SERVPRO can remove the mold and restore your business.

Wilmington Store Owners Advised to Stay Ahead of Mold Damage

As a business owner, you must keep on top of repairs and cleaning at your premises. This attention to detail is critical when you run a store – you do not want your customers to find your shop unwelcoming or, even worse, dirty. Unhappy customers will not come back, and they might leave you bad reviews that give you an unpleasant reputation. 

Mold damage in your Wilmington store is something of which you need to be aware. If you are not already carrying out regular mold inspection, we suggest you start now. The most important places to check are:

  • Wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Dark areas such as storerooms or crawl spaces.
  • Spaces with a lot of organic material for mold to munch on, such as food or fabric stocks or areas with curtains, drapes, or paper products.

If you see fungus growing anywhere, call SERVPRO immediately for mold removal. We seal off the damaged area to prevent further spread and use industry standard HEPA vacuums and antimicrobial agents to deal with the situation. 

For mold damage cleanup in your office, call SERVPRO of New Hanover at (910) 762-8180.

What Happens to Electronics During Fire Cleanup in Wilmington Offices?

4/14/2021 (Permalink)

Outside corner view of office Soot is corrosive to electronics. SERVPRO has cleaners and knows how to restore your business.

SERVPRO Helps Wilmington Businesses with Fire Cleanup

The cost of fire restoration can run high for businesses. As well as replacing damaged equipment and cleaning smoke-stained carpets or drapes, there is the cost of replacing furniture or office tools destroyed in the blaze. 

If you need fire cleanup in your Wilmington office, you might well be concerned about your office electronics. If a device such as a printer, computer, tablet, or kitchen appliance suffers fire damage, we most likely cannot salvage it. However, it is sometimes possible to save soot-damaged electronics if we:

  • Act quickly – soot is corrosive, and the longer the soot is present, the less chance of saving the device. Fortunately, we are Faster to Any Size Disaster.
  • Call in supporting experts – we can liaise with trained electricians who will assess, clean, and make your electronics safe if possible.
  • Check the device has not been tampered with – tampering with soot-damaged electronics can be dangerous, so please do not touch them while waiting for us to arrive.

For smoke damage cleanup in your office, call SERVPRO of New Hanover at (910) 762-8180.

How Can You Remove Harsh Fire Odors in Wrightsville Beach Businesses?

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

Smoke and soot on wall Fires create smoke odors that are difficult to DIY remove. SERVPRO is equipped to remove fire damage odors. Call us today!

Our Technicians have Leading Products and Equipment to Overcome Pungent Burning Odors 

Post-fire recovery for Wrightsville Beach homes and businesses is often more challenging than many people understand as loss effects spread fast after extinguishment. Odors can often be one of the final restoration elements to return a business to preloss condition after a fire, but this requires multiple products and devices to complete. A thorough damage assessment of the structure can identify where open-air odors and trapped smells exist that require removal. 

How Can We Deodorize Your Wrightsville Beach Business After a Fire? 

The right deodorization and neutralization approach depends on the severity of the damage and the type of combusted materials in Wrightsville Beach. Harsh odors make regular operation impossible, so removing these smells is essential to returning your facility to its standard function. Some of the deodorizing equipment includes: 

  • Thermal foggers
  • Hydroxyl generators 
  • Ozone machines 
  • HEPA filtration products with added charcoal filters
  • Strategically placed odor-killing pellets

Getting your business back in business is a priority of our SERVPRO of New Hanover team. You can reach us 24/7 to help at (910) 762-8180. 

Commercial Water Removal in Wilmington Businesses Needs Help Fast

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

Multiple SERVPRO vehicles parked in parking lot with several commercial building in background. Each vehicle in our Green Fleet is fully stocked with restoration equipment and ready to handle your commercial water damage.

Local Wilmington Property Owners Trust SERVPRO With Commercial Water Removal

Due to the frequency of hurricanes and intense storms in the Wilmington area, flooding and water damage to properties is not unusual. Besides the cost of replacing building materials and articles ranging from office furnishings, cubicles, and computer equipment, there is also another danger that crops up. 

Phony Mitigation Companies

When a commercial property needs assistance after water enters the premises, the business owner may not perform their due diligence on the company they are hiring for water removal and restoration. After Hurricane Florence, some fake companies targeted small mom and pop businesses and elderly residents, knowing this sector has little means to pursue them in small claims court. The companies usually talk property owners, both commercial and residential, into obtaining SBA loans to pay for the work done upfront with the promise of reimbursement later "when insurance pays the claim." 

With Wilmington in a high-risk area for hurricane activity, property owners should regularly maintain structures to ensure they remain as watertight as possible. Ninety hurricanes have impacted the city since records began getting kept in 1930.

Protection for Commercial Properties

An investment that many business owners make is installing environmental monitoring devices. There are many different types of equipment to choose from, including: 

  • Devices that monitor for elevated humidity indicating water on-site from outside sources
  • Smoke and fire detectors
  • Ecosystems that monitor plumbing for any leaks 

Each of these monitoring equipment types gives the benefit from immediately notifying designated parties, so there is never a delay in addressing events that occur within the structure. Many insurance companies provide discounts for coverage when approved monitoring devices get installed. 

What Types of Commercial Water Removal Occurs in Wilmington Most Frequently?

Water damage and flooding occur in this area of North Carolina in several ways. Its proximity to the Atlantic coast leaves it vulnerable to surges from 

  • Hurricanes and tropical storms.
  • Beavers, which are a nuisance and pose a problem damming up necessary drainage routes.
  • Plumbing issues, which can cause significant damage to a structure.

One of the biggest problems with commercial water removal in Wilmington businesses is the issue does not always get caught promptly. When water problems happen during weekends or holidays, although SERVPRO is available 24/7, the cleanup may get delayed until it gets discovered when the business opens on Monday morning. 

The closed conditions can intensify the interior humidity and damage items that never encountered water. The most at-risk articles are electronic equipment and data centers. During the scoping phase of the water damage restoration services, SERVPRO technicians move out items to a safe and secure area to ensure they remain undamaged. If there are any questions regarding electrical or computer devices, the techs can bring in an industry professional to perform an inspection and ensure the items are safe to operate. 

When local Wilmington properties need commercial water removal, they trust SERVPRO of New Hanover at (910) 762-8180. The certified techs arrive quickly for any size restoration services required. Our team's business is to keep you in business.

Wilmington Counts on SERVPRO for Water Damage Repair

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

Water damage in commercial building hallway; SERVPRO restoration equipment being used Water damage doesn’t take a break for the holidays and neither does SERVPRO! We are available 24/7 for all your emergency restoration needs.

Wilmington Businesses Trust Us to Provide Water Damage Mitigation When a Water Loss Occurs

Wilmington, NC is a beautiful port city that is home to the Riverwalk. This 1 ¾ mile riverfront walk was named "Best American Riverfront" by USA Today in 2014. Residents enjoy both the river and the beach, as do the many visitors that flock to the area yearly.

Native Americans & Colonials

Algonquin tribes were among the primary tribes of indigenous people who lived in the area when the Europeans' colonization began. Both Europeans and Africans took part in the history of Wilmington. Giovanni da Verrazano, a 16th-century explorer, is the first white person to see the area. English colonists would build the first European settlement in the 1720s. John Watson, a landowner, established a community in 1732 on the Cape Fear River. It was known as "New Carthage," but that name would change several times. It would become "New Liverpool" and finally morph into "Newton." Governor Gabriel Johnson ruled this North Carolina city. The name would change again to honor the Earl of Wilmington, Spencer Compton, around 1739.

Early settlers migrated to Wilmington from various locations such as Pamlico, Albemarle, Virginia, and South Carolina. But the significant influx would be from:

  • Northern British colonies
  • West Indies
  • British Isles

The Revolutionary War Comes Along

Before and after the War of Independence, lumber and naval stores were the region's primary economy. Wilmington would play a significant role in the Revolutionary War. As a prominent port, it was commercially vital. Many outspoken city leaders would encourage patriot separation. One of the most prominent voices was Cornelius Harnett. Part of the General Assembly, he would rally folks to stand against the Sugar Act. 

The Stamp Act would follow, and Wilmington would hold demonstrations against that. 

Liberty, Property, and No Stamp Duty

This phrase was the cry on October 19, 1765, when townspeople flocked to burn an effigy of residents who supported the Stamp Act and protest the new law. Others would gather at a "funeral" to mourn the death of liberty. But when they discovered she still had a "pulse," a celebration followed. 

Attempting to Bring Calm

Governor William Tryon would attempt to bring the two sides together, but it was not to be. He pleaded with the residents on November 18, 1765, but the locals claimed their rights were restricted. Governor Tryon ordered the stamps to be kept aboard the Diligence. Court business was stopped, as was all Cape Fear shipping. The unrest ended up being so great Tryon would eventually move his government seat to New Bern. Ultimately, the Stamp Act would be repealed by the Westminster Parliament in 1766.

Railroads Bring Commerce

Wilmington looked forward to railroad transportation, and in the 1830s, it took place. A plan was put together, and the track was laid, with completion taking place in 1840. It would be the longest single line of railroad track anywhere in the world. The railroad also had a fleet of steamboats that serviced passengers traveling between Wilmington and Charleston. They also carried freight, and with the city being a stop-over point, commerce grew.

The Antebellum Period

Other things besides the railroads were growing. Church cemeteries had filled up, and in 1853 Oakdale Cemetery would be established on 65 acres. It would be North Carolina's first rural cemetery. Other happenings during this time included:

  • Establishment of the Wilmington Gas Company in 1854
  • Gas-powered lights replace oil lamps
  • Construction on a new city hall began in 1855
  • Thalian Hall opera house is established
  • First public school, Union Free School, opened in 1857
  • Free people of color open businesses and develop trade

The Civil War Comes to Wilmington

Blockade runners, both privately owned and Confederate, would use the port in Wilmington as their base. They would bring much-needed supplies from England to waiting troops and cities. The Union tried to stop the running of supplies to the South. Fort Fisher fell to Union troops, and the port was closed. One month later, Wilmington's Battle took place in 1865, and Union forces captured the city. Much of the battle took place on the city's outskirts, so period houses and buildings were preserved.

A City Full of History

Today much of the past can be seen in Wilmington. The downtown monuments and historic buildings include:

  • George Davis Monument
  • Confederate Monument
  • Bellamy Mansion
  • Cotton Exchange of Wilmington
  • Temple of Israel
  • Murchison Building

SERVPRO of New Hanover Proudly Serving Wilmington Businesses

Burst pipes and leaking HVAC systems can all cause water intrusions that call for water damage repair services. When that happens, SERVPRO is here to mitigate the damage. We arrive at your property as fast as possible and do a scope of the premises. Once that happens, and a plan of action gets put in place, our technicians:

  • Provide water extraction services using various types of pumps
  • Dry the building using industrial strength air movers and dehumidifiers
  • Clean the structure and content
  • Use controlled demolition if needed
  • Repair and restore the facility

Emergency mitigation is vital to prevent secondary damage from occurring. Water is caustic and can damage surfaces. Mold can rapidly develop when moisture is allowed to remain in place. Early intervention is crucial to prevent these problems. SERVPRO of New Hanover understands the importance of restoring your business fast. Your business needs to be open to support your family and maintain customers. We can help with that by providing water damage repair to your Wilmington business. Contact us at (910) 762- 8180. Ask about our ERP plan that can help you be prepared before a disaster.

What Can I Do If My Hair Salon Flooded After Hours?

6/30/2020 (Permalink)

hair styling tools Your customers rely on you to be open, and you can rely on SERVPRO to quickly remediate water damages.

SERVPRO Provides Emergency Water Damage Services to Wilmington Businesses Around the Clock

 Anything that causes a business in Wilmington to shut down means a loss in revenue. We provide 24-hour service, so your activity is back up and running with minimal downtime. Our expert team of trained technicians leaves your hair salon “Like it never even happened.”

 Can your Technicians Work Through the Night to Help my Business?

 SERVPRO knows when flooding happens after hours, you can’t wait until morning for emergency water mitigation in your Wilmington business. You need fast assistance. Even after eliminating the source of the water intrusion, water extraction and cleanup needs to happen immediately. Something as simple as a burst pipe causes severe water damage, including:

  •  Mold – within two days
  • Carpet and furniture damage
  • Structural damage

Keep the Customers Coming In

 Whenever water loss strikes, we are Faster To Any Size Disaster. Because we are available around the clock, including Sundays, our certified technicians can attack the problem when it happens. On arrival, our team will assess the damage, locate and eliminate the source, and start the cleanup and restoration. Depending on your unique situation, we will:

  • Deal with water extraction – powerful pumps and extraction equipment removes water fast.
  • Dry the premises – air movers and dehumidifiers are both used.
  • Carpet and Flooring repaired and restored.
  • Furniture – sanitized with EPA registered microbial sanitizers
  • Deodorized if needed

If your hair salon experiences flooding, let our SERVPRO experts provide the water mitigation required steps you can take before their arrival includes turning off the electricity and shutting the water off. We work alongside your insurance to make the entire process as easy as possible. 

To keep your customers flowing and minimize your downtime, contact SERVPRO of New Hanover at (910) 762-8180. 

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How Can I Protect My Staffing Agency’s Break Room from Water Damage?

6/16/2020 (Permalink)

Outside view of multistory office Is a water loss event threatening to close your office? Call SERVPRO for fast effective remediation.

SERVPRO Technicians Provide Rapid-Response Commercial Water Damage Cleanup for Wilmington Offices

 Office spaces are as vulnerable as any other facility to water damage. Whether a pipe leak behind a wall, a faulty sprinkler system, or a plumbing failure is the culprit, a water-damaged area can become an ideal environment for mold and odors in as little as one to two days.

 If your business needs commercial water damage mitigation targeted at Wilmington offices, certified SERVPRO technicians can render this service.

 What Are Some Effective Water Damage Prevention Measures for Office Spaces?

  • Implement water alarms.Water alarms are a cost-effective option for detecting water damage early. Place these alert systems feature moisture sensors and can on walls and floors.
  • Invest in insurance.While on-site alarm and prevention systems are useful for reducing restoration costs, your business insurance should have adequate water damage for both commercial assets and structures.
  • Maintain your property.Regular maintenance prevents many forms of water damage, but it can push your claim through more quickly when an unexpected disaster happens. Check door and window seals, maintain plumbing, and recoat your roofing at least once every five years.

How Can SERVPRO Restore My Facilities After Cleanup?

 A pipe leak in your break room can leave chairs, upholstery, and decor saturated with water. However, many of these items are restorable with the help of SERVPRO techs:

  •  Carpet and pad that have not delaminated can be cleaned, dried, and reinstalled.
  • Exterior walls exhibiting signs of damage can save both sheetrock and insulation by drilling holes near the top of the wall to boost ventilation during drying.
  • Furniture like end tables and chairs need sanitizing with EPA-registered antimicrobials.

 SERVPRO of New Hanover has the tools you need to keep your business looking, “Like it never even happened.” Call (910) 762-8180 for rapid-response cleanup.

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Where Can I Find 24 Hour Water Removal Services for my Bar?

5/29/2020 (Permalink)

Hand-held infrared camera checking moisture in a server Wilmington Bars and Commercial Establishments Count on SERVPRO for Advanced Devices to Mitigate a Water Loss

SERVPRO of Wilmington Can Provide Water Removal Services at Any Time or Day

 Owning and operating a bar in Wilmington means working the night and most of the morning, and suddenly needing water removal services can feel quite jarring to your schedule. However, do not worry. Here at SERVPRO, our doors are open whenever you need us.

 If your Wilmington bar needs water removal services, we could be there within hours to assist you. We create and base our schedule off of yours. Whenever you need us, SERVPRO is here for you.

 I Need Discretion, Can SERVPRO Provide That?

At SERVPRO, it is our goal to leave our customers feeling happy and taken care of. If you want a discreet service to your property, we can:

  • Use back entrances to avoid public line-of-sight
  • Work during the day, when your bar is closed normally
  • Work fast to get the job done as soon as possible

 No matter what your needs are, SERVPRO can find a way to help you.

 How Can SERVPRO Remediate my Bar?

Once inside, our technicians can do a brief investigation to create a remediation plan. After, we can get right to work. We can start by:

  • Using thermal imaging cameras to identify water in hidden places
  • Use advanced technological devices to remove standing water, such as wet/dry vacuums
  • Use drying equipment to ensure the moisture levels in your bar are appropriate

Furthermore, here at SERVPRO, we have specialty equipment for hard-to-reach places. We can use air-blasting tubes to get underneath the bar, or between walls. Doing so can help speed up the drying process and ensure that mold growth cannot occur.

 If your bar needs professional water removal services, never wait to get help. Get in touch with SERVPRO of New Hanover by dialing the number (910) 762-8180. No matter the time of day or night, we're available to help.

How Can SERVPRO Fireproof Your Carolina Beach Commercial Property?

4/28/2020 (Permalink)

Flames from a fire on a black background To protect your business against fire damage in Carolina Beach, prevent the disaster before it happens.

Here are 3 Ways to Fire Proof Your Business

Keeping your employees safe and protecting your commercial property is of utmost importance. As a Carolina Beach commercial property owner, you do not want your business to burn. Not only are you going to lose a lot of money, but the rebuilding costs are too high. Here are 3 ways to fireproof your commercial property.

Prevent The Fire Before It Even Begins

To protect your business against fire damage in Carolina Beach, prevent the disaster before it happens. The first thing a business owner ought to do is keep their building up to code. Make sure you enforce strict No Smoking policy. If found, the individual must face high penalties.

Avoid storing flammable items in offices or unoccupied areas of the building. Install smoke alarms and detectors along the building corridors and in offices. In case of a fire, the measures above gives you an opportunity to save your building using available firefighting equipment. Do not forget to maintain the fire alarms, detectors, and other equipment. 

Educate Your Employees And Other Building Occupants

As a property owner, it's important to educate your employees and other building occupants about fire safety. For starters, they need to be aware of building exits and where to meet when outside the building. Carry out fire drills from time to time. This will help to instill the procedure of how employees should react when the fire alarm goes off. Also, teach your employees how to use a fire extinguisher.

Keep In Touch With The Local Fire Department

Inviting the local fire department to check available firefighting measures is a great way of protecting your building against commercial fire damage. After the tour, guides are available to help you make improvements. They can also provide their opinion and help you protect your employees. 

In the event of a fire, the fire department is going to arrive on time and put out the fire before your building burns down.

At SERVPRO of New Hanover, we understand fires can devastate your commercial property. By taking the small proactive steps above, you get to protect your employees and business. If you're ever in need of commercial fire damage experts, call our 24/7 emergency line at (910) 762-8180 today!

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What Factors Determine if You Should Demolish a Flood-Damaged Business Structure in Wilmington?

4/15/2020 (Permalink)

Street covered with water Flooding has become a more common occurrence in Wilmington.

Opting for Demolition when Your Commercial Business Sustains Flood Damage in Wilmington Can Be a Hard Choice. SERVPRO Can Guide You Through this Troubling Time.

 Decades ago, flooding around Wilmington was similar to lightning strikes – one-time events that never happened in the same place twice. In more recent years, though, flooding seems to repeat itself in different communities, coming back to traumatize residents who expected repeat flooding less than they ever did the first time around.

 Because of this new propensity for repeat flooding in different areas, including Wilmington, many experts recommend the demolition of commercial buildings once they succumb to a flood. The options of either relocation to higher ground or rebuilding with flood-resistant capabilities ensure the continuation of a business. SERVPRO can help get your business, warehouse, factory, or retail setting ready for demolition and help you through the rebuilding process.

 We serve all businesses, regardless of type or size, throughout the area. Because we are local, we understand the community's needs, the experiences we all have in common, and can help make things cohesive again. The sooner you can rebuild, the sooner you can provide your products or services to the community again.

 Before demolition, we must ensure that all the paperwork is ready and that your salvageable inventory and equipment no longer occupies the area. Your inventory sheets should reflect each item. You must remove salvageable items like metal staircases or recyclable materials before we begin. If needed, we can assist you in their retrieval. Once demolition starts, entering the premises becomes extremely dangerous.

 Tearing down the business you and your family own can be a very trying time, but we can assure you that rebuilding means a bright future. While elevating your business might seem a better option, the drawbacks to this are quite extensive. You need to relocate electrical, plumbing, and gas lines, as well as any communications systems' cabling. Entryways need new staircases, as well as reinforced doors. Windows often require resizing to accommodate reinforced walls built below them. Stability becomes a concern, also, as the footprint must remain the same and must not become larger than the original footage, even when additional space is available. Demolition with subsequent rebuilding from scratch solves these issues.

 While we can also demolish partial areas of a structure, or only interior area, after a significant flood, many changes weaken the current building. We want to help you do better than making it “Like it never even happened.” We want to help you make it so it cannot ever happen again.

SERVPRO of New Hanover can help make flooding a non-issue for you and your Leland or Elizabethtown area business. Demolition might seem extreme, but the work involved in coming back after a flood is also extreme. Call us at (910) 762-8180 so we can get things stable and secure for you.

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After A Fire We Provide External Storage And Pack-Outs In Wilmington

12/3/2019 (Permalink)

sprinkler head on white ceiling with flames coming up from the bottom Our experts will save your commercial property after a fire.

External Storage and Pack-Outs Available for Wilmington Warehouse Owners with Commercial Fire Damage

 As an owner of a storage site, commercial property fires are among the most harmful events that occur to your business and can even force permanent closure. With sites that are often outside of built-up areas, the chances of vandalism or accidental fire are significantly increased; not to mention, the start of a fire can go unnoticed, causing further damages. We are a local company with the human resources required to serve large commercial clients. Our top of the range equipment is capable of covering large surface areas in a short time.

 We are a prime candidate for business restoration after commercial fire damage in Wilmington. Alongside our expert technicians, we can also offer temporary storage of your clients' contents while building restoration is underway. SERVPRO has a stellar reputation in this community for performing fire and smoke damage restoration in time and on-budget. You can get started by calling our twenty-four-hour emergency call line for commercial businesses.

 Pack out procedures can be complicated. SERVPRO provides reassurance to warehouse owners by recording the condition, storage unit, and item in a digital inventory. We do create these inventories before wrapping and preparing items for removal. Our specialty is restoration, but we can organize for professional movers to pick up your contents and transport them to one of our climate-controlled warehouses. Business owners benefit by only having to deal with one point of contact through what is undoubtedly a stressful and challenging time.

 Once the safe and careful removal of your contents is complete, our team of SERVPRO technicians can begin work on the structure of your property. If there is temporary closure, we can thoroughly deodorize and cleanse indoor air using Ozone generators. These powerful machines release unstable O3 particles into the air that break down odor-causing and chemical particles in the air. By using Ozone generators, we can eliminate it from the property allowing your staff to return to work in normal conditions.

 Using a professional restorer can help your business return to work sooner rather than later. Contact SERVPRO of New Hanover at (910) 762-8180.

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SERVPRO is The First Choice for Commercial Trauma Scene Cleanup in Wilmington

11/22/2019 (Permalink)

Orange sign that says Biohazard with the symbol in black SERVPRO has the special skills, training, and certifications needed for trauma cleanup. We are available 24/7 for your trauma cleanup needs.

Reliable Wilmington Commercial Trauma Scene Cleanup

 Accidents at your work-site rank among the most stressful events a Wilmington business encounters. If the situation involves traumatic injuries, you and your employees endue worry, grief, fear, and a host of other emotions. Health risks associated with exposure to pathogens carried by blood, tissues, and other bodily fluids are significant. OSHA regulations demand adherence to specific research-based protocols to ensure safety during cleanup and to provide a thoroughly disinfected environment for your business operations.

We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster

The story behind the need for trauma scene cleanup at your Wilmington commercial building can encompass everything from simple human error or equipment malfunction to criminal activity. The onset of the event is likely sudden and your need for help immediate. Our biohazard cleanup crews are available 24/7, with the appropriate training, skills, experience, and tools to respond fast and efficiently.

 Adherence to Trauma Scene Cleanup Best Practices and Regulations

 Specially trained and certified technicians must respond to a trauma or crime site. Leaving the cleanup for your contracted or in-house housekeeping team could jeopardize their health, both physical and emotional. Secure containment of the affected area and the use of personal protective equipment during the project are required. We observe local rules concerning biohazard disposal for safety and to ensure that your business does not face sanctions. SERVPRO pledges our technicians complete comprehensive training and our products, tools, and equipment exceed expectations.

Transferability of Skills

 Often the space contaminated in a commercial building has expanses of porous building materials. To be sure we remove all blood and fluids, intensive flushing of the structural components is critical. SERVPRO’s proven proficiency in water containment and removal permits us to eradicate biohazards safely and completely. Our crews are experts in disinfection and structural drying, as well.

 Care and Compassion

 SERVPRO employees are acutely aware of the need to balance speedy and competent trauma cleanup with sensitivity for the ordeal experienced by those touched by the tragedy. We work hard to respond with respect and compassion in the aftermath of a devastating event. Taking care of the details with your insurer helps streamline the process.

 SERVPRO of New Hanover provides proper cleaning, application of EPA-registered disinfectants, and lawful biohazard disposal, after severe trauma or death at your business. Count on a fast and discreet response when you call (910) 762-8180 round the clock.

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Commercial Fire Damage at Your Wilmington Beauty Salon? Call SERVPRO!

11/5/2019 (Permalink)

Hair dryer, flat iron, and curing iron SERVPRO has the experience and equipment to restore fire damaged salon quickly. Call us today!

Different Cleaning Methods that Help Restore Commercial Fire Damage in Affected Wilmington Salons

 When your beauty parlor is affected by a fire incident, you make losses that reach beyond the items damaged by the flames. Extended closure of the facility leads to loss of revenue or even customers. The central aspect of restoring commercial fire damage is cleaning. Choosing the right approach can help complete the process faster or save more items. As a professional in the fire restoration business, SERVPRO utilizes different cleaning techniques, including:

 Dry Cleaning

  • Cleaning
  • Foam Cleaning
  • Spray and Wipe
  • Abrasive Cleaning
  • Immersion Cleaning

 Cleaning a salon after a commercial fire damage incident in Wilmington may require more than one method. It might also require a progressive approach whereby you start with one method then progress to the next. For instance, since fires leave fine dry residue from smoke or ash, it is a good idea to start with dry cleaning before progressing to wet cleaning. Our SERVPRO technicians use feather dusters, dry cleaning sponges, and dusting cloths to remove particulate soiling and light debris.

Soot and other smoke residues adhere to surfaces such as ceilings and walls requiring extra effort to remove. Wet cleaning provides better results compared to dry cleaning because the saturation process helps loosen the soils. Our SERVPRO crews can use plain water during wet cleaning, but for better results, we also add detergent or other cleaning agents to help break down soils further. With this approach, we can help eliminate the need to repaint or apply other finishes to the walls and ceiling in your beauty parlor.

 Sometimes there is a need to clean surfaces or materials without saturating them massively. For example, if there is a patch of soiling on an upholstery item such as a seat, saturating the entire item only lengthens the cleaning process and might also introduce complications such as dyes running and shrinking due to wetness. Our SERVPRO technicians avoid such complications by using the “spray and wipe” approach, which helps regulate the amount of cleaning agent used. We also use foam cleaning, which applies minimal cleaning solution on the item even when we clean it entirely. We have specialized foam generation tools such as Tampico upholstery brush or pump sprayer, which delivers ready foam efficiently.

 A balanced cleaning process is beneficial to your business in many ways. Call SERVPRO of New Hanover at (910) 762-8180 to help eliminate all soiling from the fire, “Like it never even happened.”

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Learn How SERVPRO Handles Flood Damage In Wilmington Schools

10/11/2019 (Permalink)

Shelves of flood damage equipment being stored in a warehouse We have large inventories of water restoration equipment and sufficient personnel to operate that equipment.

Preparedness for Flooding Can Help Protect Wilmington Schools

Flooding is an unfortunate certainty for many Wilmington properties, and when schools become affected by these disasters, it can displace students and faculty. Emergency Ready Profiles (ERP) can help to provide real-time information to our restoration technicians and to those responsible for the school itself. The ERP helps to ensure that no time gets wasted on getting mitigation and restoration actions start immediately following flooding.

As challenging as flood damage in Wilmington schools can be for all parties involved, we have seen the value in having the right emergency information at our fingertips and the same benefit that this information can have for our customers in a crisis. Understanding what ERPs do specifically can help you to see why developing one with our SERVPRO professionals is worth your time and effort.

Minimize Interruption to Your Business

As is the case with all commercial work that we do from flood damage to fires, we want to get you back in business as quickly as we can. The development of an Emergency Ready Profile can help to delegate tasks and roles and designates SERVPRO as the restoration team responsible for mitigation and recovery after disasters. This readily accessible information prevents further loss by getting our team mobilizing right away.

No Cost to You

We want our customers, especially community staples responsible for the education of our children, to have the best possible care and restoration when disasters strike, and that is why this service comes at no cost. Wes and Justin work with customers to develop custom ERPs and show them how to use the app, access the information, and mobilize our team in a crisis.

Specific Facility Details

A beneficial aspect of the ready profile is the locations of vital areas such as shut off valves and contact information for both immediate uses by your staff and later use by our professionals.

We want our area schools back up and running as quickly as they can be, and that is why we encourage the creation of Emergency Ready Profiles with our SERVPRO of New Hanover team. Give us a call to learn more about this helpful service at (910) 762-8180.

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Commercial Water Cleanup Specialists In Wrightsville Beach Talk About Steps To Take On Your Own

8/5/2019 (Permalink)

We know the best steps to take as soon as your Water damage in Wrightsville Beach appears.

Let SERVPRO walk through the steps with your Wrightsville Beach water damage.

Whenever water spills into your Wrightsville Beach manufacturing facility, it is wise to seek out help from a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO. Our water restoration technicians or WRTs have the best tools at our disposal to conduct prompt commercial water cleanup. However, in many instances, there is much that you and your maintenance and custodial staff can do to keep the problems from getting worse. 

This first step when conducting any commercial water cleanup in Wrightsville Beach is to find the source of the leak. Once you and your team locate where the moisture is coming from, it is wise to turn off the water in that location. If there is anything that uses electricity in the area that got wet, make sure to turn the power to that region off so that no electrical shorts occur. 

The next thing our WRTs at SERVPRO will then do is to figure out what type of water has leaked out into your manufacturing plant. If the water source is a clean water pipe than mitigating the issues will be much easier because the chances of contamination are low. However, if the source of the leak is rainwater, a sink, or sewage line, the chances of contamination get higher, making it a good idea to call in the professionals. 

Once you have determined if the water is clean or not, it is then wise to remove as much of it as possible while it is still liquid before it evaporates into the air or soaks into your contents or building materials. Liquid H20 can be removed much quicker and easier than water vapor or taking moisture out of wet materials. 

To start, first, find any areas of your manufacturing building that have standing water. If the water is more than a couple of inches deep, it is best to use a submersible pump to suck up the water and put it into a sewage drain. If there is water sitting on a flat surface such as a tile or concrete floor, then mopping or squeegeeing can be the most effective cleaning method. If carpets inside your manufacturing facility got wet, then it is smart to vacuum up the water using a wet/dry vacuum. 

If you ever notice a water leak inside your manufacturing plant in Wilmington, Castle Hayne, or Carolina Beach, it is wise to call in SERVPRO of New Hanover at (910) 762-8180 because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

If you would like to learn more about Wrightsville Beach, click here.

Is Flood Damage Shuddering Your Wrightsville Beach Restaurant?

7/1/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let water damage close your restaurant. Call SERVPRO of New Hanover to restore your business.

Preparing Your Wrightsville Beach Restaurant For Flood Damage Can Make a Huge Difference

Whether from storms, hurricanes, or day-to-day disasters, your food service business needs to be prepared for flood damage to survive it. Studies show that almost half of all flooded service sector businesses never re-open their doors, but you can avoid becoming a statistic with a bit of preparedness. Damage mitigation and restoration companies like SERVPRO can help to control and reverse damages quickly and efficiently, but the best way to reduce repair costs and open doors faster after a disaster is to have a plan in place.

Know The Threats

The first step in planning for a potential storm is to know how hurricanes and other types of flood damage in Wrightsville Beach can affect your restaurant. When being evaluated for flood insurance rates, an insurance adjuster may be able to provide you with a comprehensive report on how your location may be at-risk for flooding. The hurricane season comes each year and poses a substantial threat, but other sources of flood damage may come at any time of year and cause the same sort of problems. Where your business lies relative to nearby features (such as a hill or drainage area) may make flooding outside of hurricane season much more likely.

Get Things Off the Ground

Most floods only involve several inches of water at most, meaning that most damages can be averted by picking up furniture and objects and placing them somewhere higher up. Another option may be to place blocks under the corners of sizable objects to give them some clearance off the ground. Take these extra few steps any time weather reports worsen, and flood damage poses a substantial risk.

Be Ready to Act

Acting fast can make thousands of dollars' difference when flood damage strikes. Calling SERVPRO or requesting help through our Emergency Ready Profile app immediately after the incident can prevent many of the worst types of damage from happening. You should also have a flood insurance policy and be ready to contact your insurance company just after the disaster, as well.

SERVPRO of New Hanover stays ready on a 24/7 basis to respond to local calls for help with storm and flood damage. Call us at (910) 762-8180 for our services or a quote.

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SERVPRO Has The Right Equipment To Clean Up Your Wrightsville Bike Shop After A Flood

2/25/2019 (Permalink)

Our team is ready and waiting for you call 24/7. We have the equipment to handle any job big or small so call us today.

SERVPRO - Reducing Commercial Flood Damage In Wrightsville Beach

Rental agencies are an important part of the tourism industry here in Wrightsville Beach. With every location just minutes away from the beach, getting there is sometimes just as fun. It’s why bicycle rentals are so popular and why the owners have to keep the doors open and every bike available to rent.

For a Wrightsville Beach bike shop, commercial flood damage centers around getting the inventory dry and clean for customers. SERVPRO teams can often respond within an hour or two and begin setting up the equipment we need to eliminate the effects of a flood.

Where possible, we start by lifting every bike out of the water while setting up a pump to remove the water. After hanging them up or at least putting the bikes on blocks or pallets, specialists spray every surface with an anti-bacterial agent. Since outside flooding contains soil and other contaminants, this is a necessary part of ameliorating the effects and making sure everything is safe for customers.

SERVPRO team members clean and dry each bike next. To prevent rust, they install a combination of fans to increase air circulation and dehumidifiers to draw moisture off the surfaces and out of the surrounding air. If needed in larger areas, they can also install air movers to force warm, dry air across the bicycles to speed up drying.

We use these same devices to help dry the structure as well. In concrete or sheet metal buildings, flood water does not affect most of them, but it is still necessary to reduce the humidity to provide a more comfortable environment for customers and employees.

No matter if you operate on Harbor Island or Middle Sound, SERVPRO of New Hanover is here to help reopen doors and serve customers. If you are still dealing with the effects of the last flood, contact us at (910) 762-8180 today to finish getting your shop back on its feet.

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Don't Let Water Damage Spoil Your Wilmington Bakery

1/8/2019 (Permalink)

Even a little water can close a business indefinitely.

Commercial Flood Removal in Wilmington Keeps Your Cake Shop Open for Business

Cakes and other delicious treats help the people in Wilmington celebrate so many important milestones in life, Birthdays graduations, promotions, weddings, and everything in between seems so much better when a cake makes its way into the center of those gathered together. Providing such an essential part of these events means keeping everything sparkling clean and sanitary in your facility.  

Wilmington businesses like yours can end up closed after a flood unless you call immediately for experts in commercial flood removal. We recommend signing up for our READY Profile, which can help you prepare for this and other disasters, significantly decreasing the difficulties in remaining open, or reopening after only a short closure. The faster you respond to an emergency, the less likely your business suffers permanent damage.

When SERVPRO helps another business after a flood, we use the most effective but least costly methods. We understand that extra expenses cut into your profits. We protect your business by communicating with you honestly and providing you with information that can help save you money and time. When pumping water after a flood out and away from your business, we use either our pump truck or begin straight away with smaller units that remove any remaining puddles of water.

Once we have the floors dry, we begin working on cleaning up your equipment, shelving units, display cases, window sills, and anywhere else that the floodwaters touched. We dispose of all contaminated foodstuffs for you, clearing the way for new stock. We provide you with a list of destroyed inventory to aid you in replacing the lost goods to communicate with your insurance adjuster more efficiently.  

To get your shop completely dry, we use heavy-duty air movers. These units speed up the amount of air exchanged in your business and whisk moisture out of walls and other surfaces. Our desiccant machines pull this moisture out of the air. Another piece of equipment that we rely on during flood damage mitigation is our air scrubbers. These extract mold spores from the air, keeping it free of contamination.

SERVPRO of New Hanover appreciates your presence in our area, be it Kure Beach, Figure Eight Island, or Elizabethtown. Call us at (910) 762-8180 when high water or rains flood your business. We are glad to do everything we can to help you recover after such a setback and help keep your business going.

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