Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Damage – Wilmington Apartment Complex

Mold damage was discovered by the management of this apartment complex. They did their research then called SERVPRO out to assess one apartment unit with a fair... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Wilmington Water Heater Closet

Mold damage developed in this Wilmington water closet due to moisture and condensation. The homeowners attempted to clean up the mold, but they were unsuccessfu... READ MORE

Water Damage – Wilmington Restoration and Repair

This nightmare turned "dream come true" all started when a toilet supply line came loose. Water flooded not only the bathroom but also the hallway and down into... READ MORE

Water damage – Wilmington Home

Water damage at this Wilmington home led to an ultimate upgrade in the flooring of the home. The original flooring was tool damaged to restore and due to the ol... READ MORE

Water Damage – Wilmington Kitchen

The kitchen, considered by many to be the heart of a home, is a place to gather with friends and family over the shared joy of a home-cooked meal. When an unexp... READ MORE

Water Damage – Wilmington Washing Machine Leak

Water damage befell this Wilmington home when the washing machine located on the second floor malfunctioned leading to water covering the better part of the fir... READ MORE

House Fire in Wilmington, NC

A kitchen rebuilt after a house fire in Wilmington, NC.

Water Loss At Elementary School

A water loss at a Wilmington elementary school shows serious damages and the mitigation and repairs SERVPRO completed to make it better than ever!

Mitigation Performed At Local Government Center

Mitigation work being done at a local government center in downtown Wilmington after a vagrant sprayed hose water into the building.

Water damage causes tile to crack and pop up

The water damage here caused rotting of cabinets, a moldy subfloor and tile floor to crack and pop up. SERVPRO performed mitigation and repairs to remedy a not-... READ MORE